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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Your Children University Fund. Who pays???

Read? Sending Your Kid To Overseas University Education

Real People. Real Story.

He has gotten his flat and getting married soon; but he is financially stress as he has supported himself and paid for himself his tertiary education as his father's CPF OA was not enough to pay for his tuition loan after using up for his elder sister's tertiary tuition fee.

While his peers are saving money; he is paying off his student loan and working hard to support himself. He blamed his father for his financial stress and repeatedly reminded his father that his sister didn't have this financial burden on her but he has. He felt so unfair!

Not easy to be parents as we have to plan for our children future too. If we failed to do that our children may silently blame us in their heart!

That is the fact of life as parents we have chosen to take this route so we must work harder to increase earning and improve on personal finance and investment. Bo pian as we have extra mouths to feed!


  1. Hi Uncle CW

    I have a question. Amongst your friends, is there an expectation for parents to pay for the university education for their adult children?
    Are today's parents expected to chip in for their children's wedding, car, down-payment for their 1st home and grand-kids?

    1. Mostly yes for our children education; but mostly no for children's wedding, car, down-payment for their 1st home and grand-kids.

      If parents want to invite so many guests then parents should pay for their share of expenses. Must be fair to couple.

      Our lifetime large financial bombs may follow like this: Housing, children tertiary education if more kids; wedding, critical illness etc

  2. Actually, CW

    I am glad I have no such prob both as a son and a father. I have only 1 son.

    I am the youngest, my father gave my elder sis and bro $500 a month as uni expenses. The rest they settle on their own. Loans are taken by my siblings on their own.

    When my turn comes, my dad getting of age, I initially enrolled myself in engineering faculty but change when I am in NS when I heard about teaching contract. I signed. I told my dad, u need not worry about my uni fees.

    On my wedding, he insisted of giving me 5K. He said it's my tertiary fees meant for me anyway. LOL. I really appreciate it but I guess $500 over 48 months are much more than that but it never bothers me. In fact, I didn't wanted that $5k, but felt appreciated nonetheless

    My brother clear his loan after 1 year. He gave tuition during uni and told me to save up during NS. He had 10K savings from
    His NS allowance.

    Long story short. It's good if parents treats is fairly. But children should take a hard look at themselves

  3. This seems to be our practice here trying to give the best to our children.

    Is it the same in the west?

    In America it seems that the U student's debt is getting out of hand.

    Do these U students blame their parents?

  4. Hmmm, the CPF-OA for approved tertiary education also need to pay back with the 2.5% interest. It's not "free" for the kid even though it's parent's money you know. Me & my 2 siblings all repaid back our parents' CPF-OA with interest within 3 years.

    Even if bank study loan, if it's for local Uni or Poly, then cost-wise it's almost the same as if you're using parents' CPF-OA. Problem comes if it's for some foreign Uni course with high fees. Then I will question in the 1st place whether such degree course is worth it?!? Unless it leads to a good chance of high-paying profession such as medical or law or CPA, otherwise better off to stick with Poly or basic local Uni degree course.

    As for things like housing, wedding, car(!) --- sorry man, these are things parents shouldn't pay for. I would much prefer to stay in 4-rm HDB or even 3-rm than to have my parents lower their quality of retirement to help me buy EC or an expensive 5-rm HDB in some central location. And your spouse should also have same attitude, otherwise there is serious fundamental differences and will portend problems down the road.

    1. Power to you for such thoughts for the good future of your parents.

      Which will be yours too.

      The same as yours will be your parent's too.

      As family, each action we take is like each thread of a Tapestry yet to form the final picture on the wall.

  5. I will pay for the local U fee for my girl since I have already set aside an amount for it.

  6. Wow, you guys are awesome. My observation seems very different from you guys
    Singaporean parents will volunteer in certain primary schools to get a higher chance for their children to get into a primary school of the parents’ choice. Not to forget, pay for the required tuition classes… Thus, I assumed most parents will try to set aside money for their children’s university degree.

    During my recent trek in India, I’ve met quite a number of middle class Indians. They had their foreign degrees (UK, US) and a huge chunk of their wedding expense paid by their parents.

    In Australia… the previous GM I’ve work for…. He is 64 and he is paying for his daughter’s mortgage. Just to help them out. I’ve have read in the local Australian newspapers that parents are helping their kids to buy into their first property. Also, there seems to be a trend for young university graduates to take a year break after their studies to travel around the world. I do wonder who is paying for the yearlong break.

    I’m not judging… I do see a super massive advantage for these guys. The people I’ve met in India, they are brave enough to set their own tech startups without sacrificing a comfortable living.

  7. Actually it all boils down to - "你老爸有钱吗"?

    Money can solve problem is no problem.


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