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Sunday, 23 April 2017

How Come No Millionares In The Investment World Doing Pro Bono Like Some Professional In Legal and Health Sector???

Hmm ...

Doing Pro Bono are meant to help the poor to receive quality service free of charge!

Since retail investors have spare money to invest so they are actually not poor why help them free of charge.

Charge them more then it is perceived to be higher quality investing knowledge.


  1. Can we trust these pro bono investor?

    1. Blursotong King,

      Will come to that when it comes.

      First, must answer the question why no pro bono millionaire "investor" is willing to share for "free"?

      "Free" course previews don't count as that's bait for bei kambings ;)

  2. No pro bono millionaire investor?

    There are many.

    Only you can not do what they say or do.

    1. Golden Rabbit,

      I am curious.

      Can you name one?

    2. Blursotong King,

      AK is Robin Hood.

      He is more at risk of being abused by his "fans" than he abusing others.

      I am waiting for the first Singapore financial blogger to be arrested by the authorities.

      We already have remisiers, dealers, bankers, and financial educators being charged and some even did prison time in Singapore.

      The profit incentives are just too great.

      Early during my blogging days, I got read Malaysian financial blogs.

      One IT savvy blogger caught one fake "guru" blogger using the same IP address to create multiple fake nicks to comment at his own stock calls.

      Creating the illusion that many followers have benefitted from his stock calls!? Those were all fake testimonies and commenters!?


      Once exposed, the blog quickly shutdown. But its easy to create a new one. Maybe this time someone can teach the fake "guru" how to use proxy servers? Ha ha!

      We can see similar behaviours in forums where it looked quite suspicious that some nicks belong to the same person ;)

      Smoke and mirrors?

      You think why I asked for free kopi? Its to Trust and Verify who the person I am talking with. Whether it's worth my time to take the relationship forward ;)

    3. Is Kelvin Han the first financial blogger to be jailed?

    4. CW,

      Kelvin Han is the financial educator I was thinking of who was jailed.

      Then there is Clement Chiang who lost his appeal in a civil suit and had to compensate his students - I guess the courts didn't buy the "its the students own fault if they can't follow me" defence ;)

      These are financial "educators" - what they have are business websites, not blogs per se.

      For financial bloggers, I was thinking more of those US bloggers who engaged in pump and dump at forums or at their own blogs who were arrested.

      If you have thousands of followers, just quietly accumulate some penny stocks, announce to your followers you that this penny stock is a buy, then sell when bei kambings bought your bait at a few cents higher.

      The best of all, you still can brag how prescient you were as the price did went up right after your call, didn't it?

  3. The reasons cld be:
    1) Need a license to give finance advice
    2) Investment advice/views have higher chances of being wrong, compared to medical or legal advice. The advisor may be blamed if things go wrong.
    3) The advice may not be followed. Eg Buy stocks in falling market. So, why bother giving advice that not many can follow.

    By the way, I that ASSI is a pro bono investor that gives some free advice.

    1. I mean free investment training course or may be just cost plus and not talking to yourself type of chatting. LOL!

    2. Ha! Ha!

      Which course you have attended that the speaker does not has a disclaimer
      Up front"

      So can pro bono conduct a class without a disclaimer?

    3. Next kopi session, me and SMOL have to put disclaimer? This is kopi talk at your own risks. Lol

    4. CW,

      I merely asked a simple Trust but Verify question after a sound and fury "many".

      The silence is quite "deafening" isn't it? LOL!

      The question like in Star Wars, is he the apprentice or the master?

      I must give props to self-proclaimed gurus who tell off their students who lose money its their fault!!!

      They can't do what I tell them to do what!?

      With bei kambings willing to pay good money to be abused like that, I guess they won't be signing up for the next Mastery Course (you mean they never teach everything in the first course?) anytime soon ;)

  4. This just reminded me about an article I came across last weekend. It is about a 100million fund open to only accredited investors setup 6 months ago, already made the gain of x percent till date by investing in undervalued small cap companies. The person who operates the fund openly shared about a stock in his portfolio has already given 20% return, and he said there is room for the stock to grow for another 20% from where it is.

    This is a advice given FOC by someone who operates 100million fund with sounded track records.

    Will you buy that stock after reading the article?

  5. Will WB says something like this?

    If yes buy lo.


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