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Currently; it about 54% to destination!

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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Wow! That 20% Compound Return!!! (3)

Read? Wow! That 20% Compound Return!!! (2)

Uncle8888 has looked at every slides with his sharp eyes open wide to spot what is the really behind the Wow Factor!

It is own self bluff own self or tricked by the Wow Factor and Large Number?

No where did any slide mentioned that there was 20% compound return at investment PORTFOLIO LEVEL.

The Wow Factor is at single stock level.

Uncle8888 is quite sure many retail can do it too. Try some penny stocks. When you hit it right at the spot; you earn your bragging right! LOL!


  1. This is a pre-sale show... they will take every single minute to motivate you to 'believe' their course will help you to be millionaire.

    Pull some guys to testify that their method work to convince their potential 'customers'.

    Do they tell you how many people went through their course and become wealthy or millionaire? How many percentage achievement?

    'Student' beware.

    1. Any the students of late "Guru" who wanted to make 10,000 people millionaires came out to make eulogy to thank him for becoming millionaire?

  2. This is where common sense will tell you if the course or any course can make you a millionaire, why they still need to sell you the course?

    1. The Wow Factor can make some people lose their common sense.

  3. HI CW,

    As with the case of all things, the fact that there are many and overwhelming majority of LS courses and trainers, doesn't mean they are no good "course", if fact, it is the "price" that tells a lot.

    Do you consider "books" as courses? if not, then what you said made sense. Of course, books are also for sale, but some books to contain good knowledge. The course is just "experinzation" of books and to give short cut tips.

    There are bad courses, and good course (Books, friends' discussion)? No?

    1. Do books ask you to repeat Wow! Wow! Wow!?

      Do books ask you to raise your hands?

      Do books ask you to rush to grab $500 discount coupon?

      and blah blah

      Books are silent knowledge acquiring. No playing of snake oil tactic. See the difference?

    2. May be we need some psychologists to explain any influence on consumer buying decision with all these la la actions.

    3. $3 a day over the next three years and you are on your way to become millionaire is damn bargain. LOL!

    4. Do they tell you we have only few seat left, and discount is only for tonight (selling pressure).

      Do they tell those who are not interested to leave now...


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