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Monday, 3 April 2017

What is the secret sauce?

This is another interesting piece of good news in the investment blogosphere!

In the end, I lost a huge sum of US$50,000. Unfortunately, it was supposed to be my wedding money. Boy, you could imagine how disappointed my wife was then. In fact, I felt like I have failed her at that point of time…

Fast forward a few years later, I have now managed to find the secret sauce that allowed me to build a 7 figure investment portfolio.

CW8888: A super large pot of Curry Bei Kamping?


  1. CW,


    The definition of "secret" is don't let others know.

    If someone is willing to "sell" his "secret" to anyone and everyone - just as long they pay school fees - what does that make him?

    Of course veterans know what's the "secret sauce" - its to teach others how to invest or trade :)

    That's how you achieve that first million of yours!


    1. Like late "Guru"'s mission on planet Earth to give back to the society by making 10,000 people to become millionaires. Based on 50% margin for his $2,XXX course fee; $1,000 X 10,000 = $10,000,000 and that is 8 figure investment portfolio.

    2. CW,

      I know some of his students have become "gurus" themselves. These are probably the smarter ones who listened to what their "teacher DO, and not what he SAYS ;)

      I wonder what happened to the rest of the majority students?

      Have they forsaken the late guru's teachings and gone to new "gurus" everyone... (Out of sight; out of mind)

      Are they doing well with their investments? Still on target with their goals towards financial freedom?

      Or are they struggling with most of their positions still under water despite STI almost hitting 3200 again?

      Or maybe they have already given up DIY investing and switched to passive low cost indexing?

      The funny thing is if the teachings of "gurus" past worked, there would be lots more people of our generation who are now financially free.

      Notice tose who are financially free and have a blog, not a SINGLE one has attributed their "success" to attending or following any "gurus"...

      Or maybe everyone of us are ingrats?

      Cross river demolish the bridge?

    3. Net course fees injected into their investment portfolio will one day cross 7 figure and that is the sauce secret. How come so many bei kamping don't see it. Cash injection can grow one's investment portfolio. It is so simple!

  2. Ha! Ha!

    Call me cheapskate or anything you want;

    i have never paid for any seminar.

    i believe you can not finish your "learning" from NLB and the Internet.

    But neither have i attended any AGM till now for anything(aka free makan).


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