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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Passive Investors And Passive Mothers???

We DON'T call full-time working mums who employ domestic help to take care and manage their kids (future Human Assets) passive mothers. No right?

You try calling them passive mothers and see what happen?

Eggs on your face?

But; those retail investors who deploy their hard earned saving (Financial Asset) through ETFs e.g. SPDR STI ETF or Nikko AM STI ETF Managers to help them collectively manage and balance their fund are happy to call themselves passive investors

Some of these retail investors are also big name bloggers in the investment blogosphere featuring the passive nature of their personal investing method and strategies.

Long, long ago; whenever Auntie8888 was around; he didn't have to clear shits off his children when they were babies or young toddlers. He just shouted loudly: "Mummy! XXX dàbiàn!" and few minutes later the shit would be cleared off. 

Do you think Uncle8888 would call himself passive father since he didn't have to dirty his hands to clear the shit himself?"

When we manage and balance the lesser number of 30 STI Blue chips and by getting our hands dirty to clear the shits off our investment portfolio we are known as active investors who couldn't be trusted to beat the market return; but the moment we give the same amount of money to STI ETF Manager and paying them to manage, balance, and helping us to clear those shits off to maintain the same full number of 30 STI Blue chips; we may proudly present ourselves to the cyber world or investment blogosphere that we are passive retail investors earning close to market return!

Passive investing. Passive income. 

So shiok!  

How bad can it be?

For less than 30 STI Blue Chips; these retail investors will have to cherry pick, manage, balance, and dirty their hands to clear the shits themselves is NOT passive investing

But; with the Magical Number of 30 STI Blue Chips and paying Manager to collectively manage, balance, and without having to clear the shits themselves is passive investing. 

Just because retail investors didn't have to dirty their hands to maintain the magical number of 30; they can easily overnight turn from active into passive investing. 

It is so simple and magical!


See for yourself with your calculator and what is the number?

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