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Monday, 17 April 2017

Smart Money Grabbers over dummy investors (9)

Read? Smart Money Grabbers over dummy investors (8)

Read? Freely Pte Ltd v Ong Kaili and Others [2010] SGHC 60

In the Cyber World; whatever was done is never forgotten!


6. The Respondent Course was conducted on 10-12 May 2008 and 21-23 June 2008 over 3 full days. During the Course, the following happened:
(a) During the 1st 2 days, the Course lasted between 9.00 am till past 5 p.m. In particular, [Dr Chiang]:
· introduced the students to the use of ‘Google Translator’, ‘Google Tools’ and ‘Google Earth’;
· played music and screened movies unrelated to options trading (e.g. excerpt from American Idol);
· used quotes from the Bible and mentioned that he and his helpers were church goers;
· taught students to do acts of meditation;
· talking about himself and his qualifications;
· told students to go to the Rolex, diamond and fashion handbag websites and imagine becoming millionaires;
· told stories about ‘Racing History’;
· promoted the sale of the Software;
· getting angry at students when they asked him to teach on options trading; and
· behaved disrespectfully to the Claimants by calling them “idiots”.


Uncle8888 believe most of these "Gurus" might have INITIALLY started with kind intention; but later was blinded when they discovered easy money kept rolling in like this. They began to make it bigger and bigger until one day they fell or retire or handover.


  1. lol ... you also experience lah lah show during your recent preview.

    1. raise your hand
    2. Grad the $50 game

  2. Keep raising of hands throughout the session may have lead some of them to sign up. Psychological effect of agreement and endorsement. LOL!

    1. On the other hands, the few who show so much enthusiasm may be planted moles.

      To work up the WOW Factors in the class ma.

      Or else how to get the Bei Kambings to bite?

    2. I think there is planted moles who kick start the excitement.

    3. This reminds me of back-lane alley gambling of guessing which cup has the ball.

      Of course, it's a scam with a few planted moles to entice the Bei Kamings to bite.

      This scene has been played in our local and HK movies.

      And definitely it had happened in the past many times, when a lot of people were not so sophisticated then.

      Have you seen any of such lately in some back-lane alleys in Geylang?

      But you can definitely see something equivalent(how to invest to make a million dollars) in high-class class room seminar or workshop.

  3. Sometimes it is quite sad that people who insists on doing things the right way didn't get a better life than those who intentionally do things in the left way.


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