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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Goals, System And Process Are Not Mutually Exclusive! (3)

Read? Goals, System And Process Are Not Mutually Exclusive! (2)

They say for something you cannot control e.g. stock market your investing Goals are useless. 

If you are going to retire in the next few years then it is foolish to set retirement as your investing Goal! 

But if you are decades away from retirement you can set SMART investing Goals with Rule of 72; you will still have some control to revise, refine or rebuild your System and Process towards your journey to reach your Goal.

When we are employees; we will one day retire either voluntarily, involuntarily or statutory; we will retire from our full-time job!

Uncle8888 clearly know it and in no illusion and plan decades ahead of its time and can even announce his Goal sooner than expected when he has better grip of ETA to his retirement.

One of his peers who was very motivated and cheong worker who after re-org became his last ex boss before his retirement on Sep 2016.

He bought Uncle8888 lunch and requested him to delay his decision to retire early.

Boss: I won't dare to ask you to delay your retirement. Can you work till Dec so I can have more time to manage the transition?

CW: Last year I have given you and the team one year advance notice. Do you still remember , 10 years ago I have already tell every body that I will work up to 60?

CW: Dec is not possible as I am planning for my Taiwan for Nov/Dec period. Okay, I can work till end Sep. If any work related issues that were not cleared and needed my help I came back to office to help. Anyway, I should be very free.

Uncle8888 did went back on two occasions to help to advise on some outstanding issues.


  1. CW,

    I had a funny thought.

    Grasshoppers belong to the minority. When we argue with the STOP sign, it going against the full weight of the ESTABLISMENT. Yet we have FUN doing it :)

    You views on goal settings and planning belong to MAINSTREAM. You have LEGIONS backing you up. Have you noticed you are doing a lot of huffing and puffing just to say the obvious? 3 posts! Will there be part 4, part 5?

    Don't say I never use goals and planning. I do!

    They work great when I visit the supermarket. Mom don't trust my memory so she writes a shopping list for me. My goal is to buy everything on the shopping list. Easy!

    That's until the brand of light soy sauce mom wanted is out of stock...

    Should I buy another alternative brand?

    Buy the same brand but make do with dark soy sauce instead?

    Be bold and buy alternative as in fish sauce?

    Or do I avoid making a decision on my own and go home empty-handed and blame the supermarket?


    You focus on the shopping list; I focus on making the right decision ;)

  2. SMOL

    For such decision, I will always call back to ask. Army has a term for this "kiang jui ho mai kay kiang"

    I avoid making the decision. Lol...

    1. Blursotong,

      That's why big daddy had a change of heart.

      The 10 year series and model answers way works splendidly in a KNOWN world. You know, the Confucian way of relying on past precedents and not deviating from the teachings of our ancestors... Check back with mom; don't "kay kiang"!

      But in a world of UNKNOWNS, how to exhort our youths to be creative and innovative when parents and teachers don't have the answers themselves? That's where the new syllabus is giving parents stress... No standard model answers!? LOL!

      Today the grasshopper is the minority; tomorrow the grasshopper may become the majority. Although people may call us locusts then!

      Thanks to my blog, I've met up with quite a few young entrepreneurs working in startups armed with nothing but a DREAM.

      Singapore may become the next San Francisco Bay Area with our own "Silicon Valley" if we play our cards right.

      But first, we need a few more millionaire university drop-outs in our own backyards to be our poster boys and girls ;)

      In the future, people will study to achieve; not to escape.

  3. Setting goal for retirement is not mainstream... we see many articles writing about so many people does not have retirement plan. lol.

  4. 1.8k as retirement award is pretty pathetic. That company not good to work for haha

    1. Work till 62 the official retirement age then can have full entitlement. Not wrong for Mgmt to dangle rotting carrot and make others re-thinking that they will be losing too much.


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