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Currently; it about 54% to destination!

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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Wow! That 20% Compound Return!!! (3)

Read? Wow! That 20% Compound Return!!! (2)

Hobbyist investment bloggers have been around for many years and surprising investment newbies of different age group haven't discover them. How come?

Something for Uncle8888's blogger friend, to find out why? LOL!

This not-so-young man sat beside Uncle8888. Normal BAU action to know your seat neighour at seminar.

CW: I retiree. You work how long?

He: 17 years.

CW: You invest how long?

He: Just about one year.

CW: All these years you put your saving in the bank?

He: Yes.

CW: Why you want to invest now?

He : To beat inflation . (May be he was just repeating what he heard from the seminar speaker why people need to invest. LOL!)

CW: You never visit Singapore investment blogs?

He : No. Don't know.

Uncle88888 showed him two investment blogs aggregator; download My SGX app and also asked him to join BIGS World Facebook group.

During the lunch break; Uncle8888 was standing next to one middle age couple; Uncle8888 was trying to open up his lunch pack; but the plastic cover seen to get stuck and he has some difficulty in taking out the plastic cover. This kind woman saw old man struggling with his lunch pack and quickly helped old man to open up his lunch box.

After sometime; Uncle8888 asked the woman how long she has been investing?

She replied she has just started investing and wanted to learn more about investing from the seminar; but she found the course fee of $4,XXX was on the high side.

Uncle8888 asked the same questions as the guy and did the same for the couple!

Hopefully; he has introduced potentially three active followers to our investment blogosphere. LOL!


  1. haha... no sure if it is a good idea if they are expose to investment blogosphere.


  2. maybe uncle8888 is also called "influencer" lol!

    1. Can't be "influencer".

      Need that Wow factor which is lacking in him. Sigh!

  3. Everyone has own style of investing
    As Long as can earn then can Liao.

    1. Going to seminars for different experience e.g. how Wow factors work in the crowd!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Before a person starts to invest, he should read and read and read all he can.

    Then he should form his own idea based on what "sound principles" he should invest.

    Not suka , suka, tikam, tikam then form your principles.
    (Most probably will give up after a short time)

    Example if i am a newbie and i read just all the blogging of CW8888, SMOL, & others here, i should be able to form my own "investment principles". Because most talk about their real money, real experiences.

    1st what must i have or do?

    2nd, 3rd, etc.... and don't waver during the journey (aka caught by a BEAR...can take up to 50% loss or not? If can not, then i think you need more preparation for the basic principles of investment lol).

    Why i said above?

    Joking only?

    No! You will definitely caught by the Bear one of these days.

    Nevertheless, i did tikam, tikam a bit during the journey but it was with very little hard won capital.

    Each time i did that, you can tell me now, i KK LOL!

    And i will agree 100%.

    How many can KK and win?


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