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Sunday, 30 April 2017

After Point X In Our Career or Investing Journey; This Is How We May Say It Loudly!

After Point X, it is how you say it loudly.

Talk loud: You see. No Goal hor! I have achieved!

Talk loud: Finally, I have achieved my Goals!

One thing is quite certain to happen. When you believe you CAN'T; you will never achieve it as you won't be putting more time and effort into something you believe it CAN'T happen.


  1. Why are we only hearing success stories and then we get ourselves confused?

    1. CW,

      100% agree with you! Thanks for your support :)

      You have crossed Point X - that's why your powerpoints on goal settings and benchmarking have a different "weight" than some pimply fresh faced 18 year old who blogs on the same topic ;)



      Have you notice you are becoming more "grey"

      You feel like going to JB, you just go!

      How? No so frightening right?

      Baby steps.

      You'll get used to it.

      Its called freedom :)

  2. HA! Ha!

    From the start i have a very vague goal.

    Somehow i know I must roll with the Stock Market Cycles and must survive.

    And it's actually not even a goal.

    It's just a gut feelings or instinct.

    Till today, is there any difference?


    I don't think so.

    1. temperament,

      Good to have you that "outrank" CW in eating more salt than rice!


  3. Paiseh. Paiseh!

    不 要 害 我 lay,

    It's nothing about salt and rice.

    It's about each of us is unique.

    It's really i don't know how to plan, plan, plan.

    Er....maybe a little bid, very simple one -(don't put all your eggs in one basket, therefore:-

    "There’s nothing you can do better to control Risks and generate Profit by proper Allocation of Assets and buying those assets at the Right Price."

    i am more concerned about the practical aspects of things in life and act accordingly.

    i am a technician for life you know ma!

    1. Even though i know this asset historical ROI is lagging stock(i.e. provided you buy the stock and it's price goes up....)

      And i really want to put all my $$$ in stocks if i can; if i dare. if i am stupid enough one day.

      Touch wood!

    2. temperament,

      You ITE, I O'levels, CW got degree.

      Just as long we can cross the Eastern Sea, who cares HOW we get across right?

      I see you waiting too ;)

      Hoping for another "show hand all-in" move?

      I agree with coconut here. What he says is similar to my Ah Ma's Teochew saying,

      "Climb the mountain too often... One day sure meet the tiger one!"

      I hope I have the wisdom to walk away one day and don't over stay my welcome ;)


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