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Friday, 7 April 2017

Goals, System And Process Are Not Mutually Exclusive! (2)

Read? Goals, System And Process Are Not Mutually Exclusive! (1)

Goal of Self-insured Fund by 60

......   After reading if you have bother to read them; what is the difference?

Real People. Real Story!

(1) The Grasshopper's Way - No Goal!

(2) The Ant's Way - Setting Goal well ahead of his time in term of decades!

The difference?

Foresight and hindsight?

Ant has foresight with his Goal and works on his plan to reach his Goal with estimated time of arrival.

Grasshopper dances on hindsight and singing loud: "Oh boy! I have arrived!" 

How about this:

Pilot: Cabin crew, prepare for arrival in one hour!


Pilot: Cabin crew, we have arrived!

What is the Moral of the Story?

Foresight : It WILL happen so we prepare and be ready for it to happen! It HAS happened. We are glad and safe!

Hindsight : It happened! We are glad and safe!

At the dawn of Spring; the Ant met the Grasshopper dancing in the warm of early Sunrise .

Ant : I see that you are still dancing in the Sun. Lucky; it wasn't long and harsh Winter!

Grasshopper : "Don't worry! I will be lucky again for the next Winter. BTW, life is short and dance while Sun shines!"

Ant pointing to the community of Ants: "I know that my life is short; but their life are NOT!"

When we have our loved ones with us; it is NEVER about living our life in whatever way we want without giving due consideration on planning to reach certain life goals that will happen!

Who are you, Ants or Grasshopper?

Community living and sole dancing is hell of difference!

Get it?

... to be continued


  1. Goal setting is just like Goal Post. We are the person who has to get our foot on the ball; move it nearer to the Goal post. Take good aim and kick the ball to score the Goal. That is our Goals!

  2. CW,

    I was going to let you go on and be a good listener but after reading this post, I very angry! I must make a complain to my Maker!

    How come no one gave me the Gift of Foresight?

    All I got is Crash Got Sound hindsight :(

    So not fair one...

  3. temperament,


    You come to muddy the waters...

    Vision is grey grey hazy hazy that sort of thing. Would fail every single SMART criteria.

    Its definitely not CLEAR-CUT goals ;)

    Foresight is the ability to tell the future.

    Don't frighten me. You mean just because I can come up with a SMART goal I magically have this foresight ability?

    In your religion, that's sorcery... Big no, no. Careful now, don't let the devil seduce you ;)

    Better be humble and submit to thy will. Wait the big guy upstairs not happy...

    "Oh! So smart! Can set goals and make your own plans some more! You still need me for what?"

    Financially free yes, but we've fxxxed-up forever and ever :(

  4. temperament and CW,

    Where got?

    My finger admonishing at the willow tree, but poking the giant oak beside it ;)


  5. temperament,

    Tell you pay more attention in England class you don't listen...

    That's not "foresight"; that's hindsight lah...

    Crash no sound means we won't learn lor!

    A bit sad for the new batch of elderly investors who got conned by the landbanking scams... You would expect wisdom to increase with age, evidently not.

    They never read newspapers? Landbanking scams not exactly new in Singapore.

    Maybe this is one example of crash no sound. The pin not prick us we won't learn one...

    Easy to say we learn from other people's mistakes; reality that's another story.

  6. Some people have short memory

    How about Singapore own scam game.

    Read? Sunshine Empire

  7. It was reported that there was also a group of middle-aged people who were trained separately from the majority and who drove luxury sedans like Mercedes-Benzes and BMWs despite being only in their early twenties. These "car achievers" were also known as managers who always dressed smartly in black suits and carried Montblanc pens and wallets. According to a former member of Sunshine Empire, these managers would take other members out for supper after the training sessions because they said it would foster bonding and that it was an opportunity for other members to see the cars they drove.[1]

  8. Large number, expensive stuffs are wow factor and very inspiring to attract many followers

  9. temperament,

    We develop "wisdom" after lots of crash got sound "hindsight".

    Then its a question on what level of "wisdom" one develops.

    1) I've learnt from my mistakes, now I have the gift of foresight! I can tell the future.

    2) After licking my wounds, I now know better that NO ONE has the gift of foresight ;)

    Hee hee.


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