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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

You Really Listen To Paid influencers???

Walau! Some people cow pa cow bu about it!

Paid influencers are no different from commercial advertisers. So can we take it all on what we see and read on these adverts as true and well for us?

Same as reading blog posts; when Uncle8888 realized that blog post seen to be commercially induced; he immediately stopped reading it and NOT to be influenced or  unwittingly read to the end and then sighed with WTF!


  1. Do you expect no dishonest or misleading adverts meh?

    1. CW,

      Do we put our best foot forward and "touch-up" our CVs when we apply for jobs?

      Have we "stretched" the truth a bit during job interviews?

      We don't tell our interviewer that we really don't want to be working... We want to be financially free at 35, and we will take every opportunity to skive during working hours to pursue our passion of building a passive income so we can give the finger to our boss right?


    2. LOL... but if you were the interviewer, you'll probably not hire those who tried to 'smoke' you during the interview right?
      Of course the story will be different if you are hiring influencer or marketer or promoter :)

    3. Carro.Tan,

      If you selling used cars, of course I want someone who can "smoke" ;)

      (Nice startup by the way. If you need a snake-oil to promote it, just jio me for coffee and I'll sing like a canary for you!)

      That's where "skill" in recruitments and interviewing skills come with "experience" and "practice" ;)

      We constantly have to come up with new "verification" questions to throw well prepared interviewees off their rehearsed spin ;)

      But that's only for recruiting shepherds.

      For foot soldiers, no need to waste time. Just hire. Good retain. Lousy ones just don't confirm their probation and they will leave on their own...

      Crash got sound.

    4. Jialat... Did I expose any trails that made you think I am that someone you thought? I don't sell used cars leh :D

  2. One hero meet another hero.

    Both laughing to the bank.


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