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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Investing Made Simple by Uncle8888 (6) - About time to refresh it!

Read? Investing Made Simple by Uncle8888 (6)

Uncle8888 has been trying to understand this:

Where does the money from stock market come from?

He thinks that most of the money from the stock market will come from investors/traders participating in the stock market and only some money will be coming in the form of stock dividends distributed by companies and shares buy-back by companies.

In fact, the amount of money coming from companies is nothing compared to the enormous amount of money changing hands in the stock market. 

Uncle8888 also remembered Warren Buffet once said: "The Stock market is a financial redistribution system. It takes money away from those who have no patience and gives it to those who have." 

He believes it is true. So he understands it is important to be patient and disciplined; or else he may end up distributing part of of his hard-earned salary to other people in the stock market as their profits. 

Luckily, his favourite hobby is fishing and fisherman by nature will has more patience. 

With the understanding where does the money from the stock market come from, it will be easier for Uncle8888 to understand why some people may choose to do short-term trading and/or long-term investing.


  1. Hi bro8888,

    You're patient, hence you go fishing or is it because you go fishing, hence you have patience haha :)

    1. LOL!

      Actually; fishing is a kind of test of patience and doing nothing other than staring towards the sea or the distance or knocking on and off.

      Pass that test then can say got patience.


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