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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Dividends As Panadols To Ease An Investor Heartache???

For the past two weeks; Mum and her daughter kept mum about it. It was only on last Friday; after he has stopped taking Panadols to check whether the pain is tolerable or not. Mum finally said it out.

The ward nurse told his daughter that Hernia is minor operation but painful and she advised to take pain killers timely as the pain killer will take one to two hours to become effective. No wonder Mum kept telling him "Time to take medicine!"

To think about it why it can be painful because of the location; it is at movable point of our body whether lying, sitting, standing or walking; that part was operated would be likely to be stretched or pressed against.

Uncle8888 has repeated many times in his blog : Dividends as Panadols to ease an investor's heartache.

This time; he personally experienced the illusion of NOT feeling the pain from Panadols as he thought that Hernia is just minor operation how painful can it be since there was no pain at all when he discovered something not right. 

When under the illusion of painkillers; we don't feel the pain. Right?

How about dividends as Panadols?


  1. Dividends as panadol sounds not nice... Guaranteed returns for break even after 20 years sound more convincing :)

    1. Exactly! That will sound more like successful investors. LOL!

    2. To wow people; first remove all negativism!

  2. Ask SMOL,

    He can sell ice to the ESKIMO.

  3. Uncle,

    I feels dividend as panadol is a false pretense. No one can foresee the future and guarantee that the company can continue to make money and give out dividend or in worst case can still exist due to technology disruption.


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