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Monday, 19 June 2017

Your Work-life In Career Development


Why she passed me this?

But; it has set Uncle8888 thinking about i1 too. His past career development and the truth is that most of us will NOT reach anywhere near the Top of the Corporate Pyramid!

We may have to switch to climb the Inverted Pyramid of Investment where your account size really matters!

5% yield @ $1M investment portfolio is $50K investment income!


  1. You must be looking too young to be retired ... hahaha!!! :) :)

    Or she just wants to finish handing out brochures so she can go collect pay ... Errrr....

    Most private companies these days will help employees de-stress by retiring them early.

    Only civil service & some GLCs will hentak kaki these employees until retirement age. ;)

  2. CW,

    You think too much....

    She will pass the brochure to everyone and anyone.

    Quicker she get rid of her brochures, quicker she can go home ;)

    1. Most of us career advancement may halt at 40s or 50s. Sad truth so better start thinking and thinking much and sooner when we are in our 30s.

    2. Uncle 8888,

      Your hard work has paid off. Time to relax. Enjoy!

    3. Not many years left so need to relax, walk here and walk there; eat here and eat there.

  3. How for those who only start owning a house at age 35?
    Cannot anyhow switch jobs or retire until can get a loan. Then must think about how to finance it. :S

    1. If want to buy house, don't anyhow change jobs or retire.

      If don't want headache how to finance, then buy small house.

      So simple.

  4. I bought BTO in a non mature estate in 2011. Collected keys in 2014 and started servicing loan. Took up 4 year loan and will finish paying in my early 40s. The point is - buy a house within your means.


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