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Thursday, 15 June 2017

What Next After Reaching Financial Independence??? (2)

Read? What Next After Reaching Financial Independence???

Read? This South Korean tech start-up hires only seniors over 55, to prove a point

CW8888: Work 200 mins work-day. Okay lah! Singapore have?

The company rosters their workers on four-hour shifts, and makes it compulsory to have a 10-minute break every 50 minutes.

The office is decked out with a chic pantry, a breakout area with couches and books, and even a blood pressure machine that staff can use during their break time.


  1. i bet sooner than later, Singapore has to copycat or continue to import more foreigners for cheap labour lor.

    How many % of the population is over 60 now?

    Do you think i have forgotten my technical skills; gleaned through years of TS&R of machimnes?

    Or SMOL forget about his snake-oil days?

    In fact why Chinese says, "狡猾的老狐狸"?

    Co-inside with Western saying, "Crafty Old Fox"

    Put it in a nicer way is,

    "With aged comes experiences,(learning through all the mistakes foolish ones or not), with experiences comes Wisdom".

    So wisdom is seen as crafty sometimes?

    So if pay & time & health is no problem, why not employ "The Old Foxes".

    Rather then cheap foreign workers?

    1. temperament,

      You think why I went back to working weekends at the selling floor for next to nothing?

      I feel good that I still "have it".

      Can entertain the recently married young couples with my nonsensical style of humour, flirt with the more mature female customers, and once in a while, practice my Zen when customers or supervisors half my age raised their voices at me...


  2. By the the way, do you know how many millions of illegal foreign workers in USA?

    How come can like that one may?

    Of course Singapore can not like that one.

  3. All employers want to hire cheap. Most jobs don't need experts or 10 yrs experience. Can mostly fulfill job functions and continue to bring in revenue can liao. So the only thing is how expensive the worker??

    Even illegals also can as they are even cheaper, provided got sufficient margin of safety. If say the law changed to mandatory 10 yrs jail plus 10 strokes rotan for employers, then most employers will say not worth it liao.

    The main cure for flooding of foreigners is that their home countries quickly develop and their home salaries rise enough, to make it uneconomical for the effort & sacrifice to come to SG.

    Currently many of them are earning in SG equivalent to 6X to 15X their home salaries. I used to work with foreigners who openly tell me their 1 month SG salary is equal to 1 year's pay back in their home country.

    With this kind of 15X difference you can't hold back the foreigners & the employers, unless by forceful legislation & enforcement.

    Since SG operates on pro-business and many of us also want SG companies, stocks & REITs to do well, hence foreigner flooding will still have to continue for at least next 20 years.

    I rather let foreigner work hard than I work hard!! Hahahaha!!!!

    1. HA! HA!

      Sound like Singapore also can like America leh!??

    2. Also sound like those who invested in Singapore market benefitted because of these foreign workers.

      Those don't - especialy for ordinary low wage workers, die liu.

      look like i should keep quite about "everything" like Americans who benefitted from millions of illegal foreign workers in USA?

      But TRUMP doesn't think so leh!

    3. Haha I also kena fallout from depressed wages --- finally decided not worth to slog liao! :) :)

      SG govt will need to prioritize their policies and see how best to balance economic growth & social stability. This one too headache for me to worry liao. Hahaha!!!

      But seriously, if you look at SGX blue chips, performance sucks over the last few years, especially considering the tons of liquidity sloshing around the financial systems. Quite pathetic compared to US stocks or even Indian stocks. This is one argument for being globally invested, or at least being aware of various opportunities.

      Most people who made money in local counters are those who bought at lows e.g. 2009 or 2011, or who are lucky in punting small & micro caps. Now is punting for IPOs ... Hahaha, reminds me of 1990s.

    4. Ha! Ha!

      Since when SGX EXCHANGE is not an order taker?

      Maybe HK EXCHANGE is not at times.

    5. Yet greater then 90% of my stock portfolio is here.

      Only about 10 % is US.

      May be you are right.

      Should have more % of stock portfolio in US.

    6. Yet greater then 90% of my stock portfolio is here.

      Only about 10 % is US.

      May be you are right.

      Should have more % of stock portfolio in US.

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