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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Hey! Not All Self-Employed (Own Boss) Can Suka Suka! (2)

Read? Hey! Not All Self-Employed (Own Boss) Can Suka Suka!

Uncle8888 has realized that for those who are self-employed (aka own boss) with relatively high fixed overheads; they will have to put in minimum hours of work as necessary evil; otherwise they will have operating losses or negative cash flow. This is definitely not sustainable over long run as they may go broke!

To them; work is a necessary evil! No meh?


  1. Great difference!

    No work no income. No work. Operating loss!

    1. CW,

      Since we know each other for so long I think I can say it out loud - your England comprehension got problem!

      You seem to equate Self-employed with Financial Freedom???


      Maybe I can start a small England comprehension course to explain the differnces between:

      1) Magenta from Pink

      2) Kill from Murder

      3) Self-employed from Financial Freedom


    2. Self-employed also need to seek independence as work is necessary evil for many of us as employees or self-employed. The moral of story

    3. CW,


      Even as a "Business Owner", if our business is not "on the track", we still have to slought it out no day no night.

      During the early years, a business owner may even take home less than his lowest paid worker as everything he earns is plough right back into expanding the business (or keeping it alive)...

      Moral of story - passive my foot!

      Unless its Toto, inheritance, or marry well.

      Psst. If you know of any single rich mama, jio us out for lunch/dinner date leh!

      If success, I'll give you a BIG BIG red packet. Don't worry!


  2. Survivorship bias & maybe confirmation bias --- whenever we think self-employed or business owner we think of Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos or even Steve Jobs (although his business struggles are quite well known too). Or that hokkien-speaking towkay staying in a mansion in Katong.

    The reality is that being self-employed or business owner is much MUCH harder than being an employee. Usually it's due to bo bian-ness not desire. That's why on average 95% of new businesses close shop within 3 years.

    The odds of financial independence is actually much greater as an employee than doing your own business. That's why 90% of people are employees not entrepreneurs.


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