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Saturday, 10 June 2017

No Blog Post On Investing???

Uncle8888's Three Taps solution model to build sustainable retirement income for life in his financial independence phase is quite different from commonly adopted definition of financial independence when their investment income exceeding annual household expenses. 

Investment portfolio is their key component of cash flow; but not for him. His key component for cash flow lies with the strength of his Tap 1. Different stroke for different folks!

With his Tap 1 future cash flow capacity already covering 100% of total future household expenses till 2038; so he doesn't have that sense of urgency now to increase the cash flow capacity of his Tap 3 (Investment Portfolio). He can afford to wait patiently!


  1. i think all retirees should have the same idea waiting patiently.

    But each should have worked out his own tactics.

  2. Uncle8888,

    May I ask if your "Tap 1 future cash flow capacity" takes into consideration of the FRS mthly payout šŸ’° after 65 years old?

    Thank you!

    1. No. CPF RA SA MA and some emergency cash is Tap 2 for self insured medical funding

  3. OIC. Got it, must work hard to make sure the plan can cover left, cover right, oso front & back, top & bottom. šŸ˜ Xie Xie, Uncle8888! ☕️

    Try to figure out my own formula here which may include the FRS mthly payout once hit 65. hehe...

    1. One has to take note that I only have Medishield and no other insurance coverage. Bo pian and has to cover this too by more kiasu and kiasi

    2. Ya!

      Very scary one!

      In terms of money!

      My BIL covers completely by Insurance for Colon Carcinoma has UTD used up almost a $ 1,000,000. (Estimated only)

      i suppose the Insurance Company never expect 3rd or 4th stage colon patient to live that long for so well.

      5 years already.

      Getting very critical now because no more new medicine for him to suppress his cancer.

    3. That is the problem when people refuse to let go!

      Something to learn from my relative You die. I die. Doctors also die???

  4. No for his case, he doesn't suffer much in side effects of the drugs.

    Especially in the earlier treatments.

    Friends and kins are really surprised how well he lives as a patient.

    Now 5 years have past, he is quite ready to accept his days are numbered.

    In fact, he has willed and nominated everything to his wife a few years ago.

    He has no regrets because he past 66 already.

    i think he is satisfied he have live another 5 years since then.

  5. That is the sad part of life. 66 still consider "young" according to current life expectancy.

  6. Agreed.

    Then many had not passed 50 to 60.

    Actually, everyday is a day of Bonus even for the healthy.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Just a reminder,

    Many doctors, especially those that have worked in A & E, etc....

    Can tell you they have signed AMDs.

    They have seen too many "Vegetables"!

    Go and google.

    By signing AMD, it helps to prevent the next of kins relieve the burden of feeling guilty.

    Can one says, signing of AMD is a form of Euthanasia?


    Refusing aggressive medical treatment:-

    "The church regards it as morally acceptable to refuse extraordinary and aggressive medical means to preserve life. Refusing such treatment is not euthanasia but a proper acceptance of the human condition in the face of death."

    Another quote:-

    Exceptions and omissions

    Some features of Christianity suggest that there are some obligations that go against the general view that euthanasia is a bad thing:

    •Christianity requires us to respect every human being

    •If we respect a person we should respect their decisions about the end of their life

    •We should accept their rational decisions to refuse burdensome and futile treatment

    •Perhaps we should accept their rational decision to refuse excessively burdensome treatment even if it may provide several weeks more of life


    My thinking is in the past, where medicine is not so advance, how many people can survive into vegetable state?

  9. "There is nothing in the Bible that tells us we must do everything we can to keep someone alive for as long as possible. So, we are not under obligation to prolong the life of someone who is suffering. If someone is terminally ill and in great pain, we should make the person as comfortable as possible during this process of dying. We should not hasten his death. Instead, we should let death take its natural course, but make every effort to comfort those who are suffering."

    i think that's the best answer for Christians who hesitate to sign AMD.

    Anyone any objections?

    1. Don't get me wrong.

      i hesitated because i was in doubt whether by signing AMD, am i abetting someone to help me to commit premeditated suicide?

      Suicide is an unforgivable sin in Christianity.

      Definitely, no one wants to live in a Vegetable state.

      i think medicine and medical devices today can keep you living as a vegetable even after confirming you are brain dead.

    2. Yup, but even without AMD, if a person is brain dead & being kept alive on ventilator in ICU etc, hospitals will pressure family members to turn off the switch with the huge debts accumulating & debt collectors appearing at your homes & work places. And hospitals can always get court order to allow turning off the switch. The legal bills will be added to the hospital bills!

      Of course if you're a billionaire then no problem lah! :) :)

      Estate planning will become bigger business as population ages & also gets richer. Ideally estate planning should begin once a person reaches adulthood (Sinkie guys should start when enter NS), but 99% will delay until elderly or at least middle-aged with kids.

      Wills, nominations, AMD, LPA are basic tools. If got young kids or long-term dependents e.g. handicapped relatives, then may want to consider testamentary trust or revocable living trust.

      Sometimes in hospitals can see ugly behavior of family members how they take advantage of the patients. E.g. some children being nice & visiting everyday, convincing the parent to transfer assets (HDB, private property, cash) to them, even got case where children got permission from Dr to bring patient to HDB to sign xfer of HDB flat. After that the children / relatives don't bother visiting liao. Even got some children telling the hospital staff not to contact them regarding their parent anymore.

      BTW in hospitals, patients or family members can specify DNR (Do Not Resuscitate). Which basically means if patient collapses --- no pulse, no breathing --- then don't do the usual Code Blue emergency procedures. Just standby until patient confirmed expires by Dr. Otherwise need to do the usual --- activate Code Blue team, get crash cart, start CPR, start oxygen, suction, heart monitor, power up defibrillator, intubation, insert needle cannula into vein if don't have, prepare drugs/IV lines. If can revive then rush to ICU if not already there, followup tests/procedures etc.

      For elderly patients in C-class wards with serious conditions, Drs will "encourage" family members to sign for DNR if patient doesn't have AMD. :)

      Anyway by 2030 when 1 in 4 sinkies are over 65, I'm quite confidant that euthanasia will be legal by then.

  10. You know so much about hospital's affairs.

    Must be working in one?

    You even know DNR & Code Blue.

    i only know Code Blue.

    i don't know about family's order "DNR".

  11. Last few years of my "proper" working life was in hospitals. See death & dying until numb liao. Frankly it's not the dying that gets to me, but more of those (rare) cases where family members take advantage of the patients, especially when they are psychologically vulnerable. As staff we can't interfere in their family affairs, but sometimes we will discretely inform the medical social workers or certain doctors. Most of the time, their hands also tied.

    1. The moral of story is to spend more on ourselves and beloved ones when we are still in control of our own money. May be it is good to let our beneficiaries be aware of the distribution in our Will and avoid guessing?

    2. Agreed.

      I only have one son.

      Still let him know more or less.


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