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Saturday, 10 June 2017

One Uncommon Act Of Kindness! (3)

We have been reading again and again in the cyberworld on examples of bad neighbour in Yishun. 

How about kind, friendly and helpful neighbour? Any?

Read? One Uncommon Act Of Kindness! (2)

Uncle8888 went to this home at Queentown to collect document after confirmation from home's owner that someone would be at home to pass him the document.

Her SMS : "Try again. I checked"


Helper pang sai in toilet???

Helper still sleeping???

This time Uncle8888 didn't press the doorbell but knocked very hard at the wooden door (like Ah Long?). Her next door neighbour came out to ask how could she help me.

Super kindness to a stranger by her super neighbour

Uncle8888 told her that he came to collect document; but nobody seen at home; but home owner has confirmed that her helper at home.

She also helped to call her neighbour and informed Uncle8888 to wait for a while as probably the helper has went out to buy something.

At first she passed a stool for Uncle888 to sit and wait; but after some time she came out to ask Uncle8888 whether he needed water?

Uncle8888 told her no worry as he has water with him. She then asked  how about coffee? 

Uncle8888 quickly replied No Thanks. But; she insisted on coffee. 

Thank you! No sugar.


Nice coffee. 

From the kindest lady to a stranger. Wonderful! 


  1. CW,

    That's the IKEA stool ;)

    Got biscuits some more! Not bad!

    Friday afternoons I got Taiko classes. Next time you in Queenstown for collection or delivery, and not in a hurry, jio me!

    I'll treat you to kopi black kosong (normal size) and roti :)

  2. Lucky Queenstown and not Yishun! Hahahaha!!!

    But seriously, nowadays this kind of kindness almost extinct in S'pore. Thumbs Up!!!

    1. Hopefully I can meet more kind people and blog more on kindness

    2. The act of charity doesn't lie just on donation of cash. The idea of Good Samaritan is how we treat the old, weak, poor or person in need of helping hand.


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