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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

You Love Your Job But Your Company Doesn't!!!

Uncle8888 was busy looking out for stalls that have queue and see what are they selling  at food centre; and suddenly he heard someone calling out loud his IC Name.


Nowadays; he often hears people calling him Uncle, Jacob or Uncle Jacob; but calling by IC name is getting uncommon.

Uncle8888 has even changed his Whatapps profile to replace his previous working name.

He went over to chat with his two ex-ex-ex colleagues who are about his same age group in their 60s. Later; he came to know both of them have been retrenched as their department was outsourced. It was their last week with the company!

No wonder, it was already 1.43 pm and they were still at food court lim kopi and chatting.

What is the moral of story?

You can love your job; but your company doesn't. Get it?


  1. CW,

    There are "lucky" souls out there who worked in one job all their lives, never been retrenched, never got ice storaged...

    Year after year got regular salary increments, every few years got promotion like clockwork.

    The "success" story of study hard, work hard.

    If they don't have the blood/ambition in them to be their own bosses, these people are happy just to EARN and SAVE.

    Financail freedom to retire early has no appeal to these people ;)

    1. "Financial freedom" is being boosted like magic pills nowadays...

      Is financial freedom a stage of life or it should be just a stage of mind?

  2. Actually your 2 ex-colleagues very good already, being retrenched in their 60s. Just view it as mandatory retirement hit a few months earlier. Plus get a little bit of retrenchment benefits --- better than none if mandatory retirement at 62. So you got welcome them into the KLKK group? Hahahaha!!

    But seriously, the writing has been on the wall for many years liao. In today's environment, unless you're in an elite profession or secured upper mgmt positions in elite organisations, most people's prime working years are limited to 20-25 years only. I think schools should start teaching people how to live a lifetime on only 20-25 years of prime earning years. Hohohoho!!!

    1. This two are lucky.

      As it is the whole department being retrenched; those younger ones in their 50s or 40s with mortgages are not that lucky. Under current situation; it is very tough to find replacement job. No more like becoming taxi drivers or property agents in those earlier generation of retrenchment folks when they can't find replacement after some time.


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