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Monday, 12 June 2017

What Is Retirement? Why Some Wish To Retire Sooner But Some Don't???

What can you tell from them?

CEO, GCTO, Manager, and two taxi drivers

BTW, this GCTO finally statuary retired at 67 last Apr 2017 

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What you think?

Happy at work and high pay. Why retire?

Get f...k too often by higher up. May wish to retire ASAP.

Constraint by fixed overheads; need to work minimum hours.


  1. Erm, Uncle CW ... statutory retirement is still at 62. Employers can still ask workers who reach 62 to leave ... just pay a couple months salary as compensation.

    67 is the re-employment age limit from 1 July 2017.

    When people say they want to retire early, it's becoz the work sucks. Usually it's the boss, hahaha!!!

    If work is shiok most will just continue until drop dead.

    Just recently Queen Elizabeth's husband retired. I think most people were scratching their heads and say "WTF ... you mean he was employed for past 50 years?!?!?! Do what haaarrr?!?!"

    Wakakakakaka!!!! :) :)

  2. i like my work, no problem.

    i ma quite good at it.

    Yet i retired at 53.

    In between, i resigned voluntarily and involuntarily - a few times.

    Too straight forward and don't like "small talk" - aka can't handle office politics.

  3. I like my job, challenging but still doable. I have been in it for 22 years and am experienced in it.

    I have a good boss, who is supportive, and doesn't disturb me unnecessarily. My staff (most of them) respect me.

    Yet I tendered my resignation.

    This was planned 5 years ago.

    I want to spend more time in church work and my hobbies.

    After more than 30 years of corporate life, just want to contribute to the society in different ways in the remaining years of my life.


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