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Wednesday 14 June 2017

What Next After Reaching Financial Independence???

Our money cannot disappear on its own but it will go to our loved ones or some strangers become "good friends or god-children".

The days when we slowly and slowly and DON'T even realized that we can't count our own money! 


  1. So how ah?

    One option is to have a will while we are healthy.

    CPFLife is also a good option to protect our money, i.e. perpetual cashflow for survival. lol.

  2. For Alzheimer's, usually don't live longer than 10 yrs. And half of those years will be hell for caregivers.

    For other forms of dementia ... depends, some can last longer. Depends on pro-active steps such as medication, cognitive training, excellent family support, etc. Also depends on your genes --- some more resilient, some more susceptive.

    So far no proven cure for dementia. Can only slow down progression.

    Living will (which includes AMD) and Lasting Power Of Attorney (LPA) are important, to specify how you want your medical care & finances/assets be handled, and by whom, in the event you no longer have mental capacity.

    Living Will is for before death. Will is for after death.

    As for being open with your beneficiaries --- depends on your relationship with them & their emotional maturity.

    E.g. I have an uncle with a slightly mentally handicapped son & 2 other healthy kids. Since when they were young, my uncle and his wife instilled in their children strong sense of family ties & support. My uncle is quite open with them that more of his wealth will be catered for support of the handicapped son, and the other 2 children are OK with it. In fact my uncle has a testamentary trust to safeguard the assets earmarked for that son.

    1. Some of my cleverer coursemates are specializing in geriatric psychology for this reason. They planned quite far ahead liao.

  3. CW,

    OK, you have instilled the fear in me.

    So should we start a mahjong club or maybe someone can teach me how to play bridge? Heard Deng Xiao Ping love it!

    1. 三页大哥,


      Eh... Can't find your email at your blog and profile.

      I long time no play 象棋 liao... Must be patient until I warm up ;)

      Jio me during weekdays if you need a sparring partner!

  4. We need trusted Next-of-kin when we are dementia!

  5. Well, I hope will have euthanasia laws by 2030. I'll use it in my living will for certain conditions.

    E.g. advanced stage dementia --- why prolong the agony for another 1-3 years?? Some more can help my caregivers save money, hahaha!!! And also save them from going crazy themselves! :) :)

    BTW, only 5% of all dementia cases are due to genetic factors. Most other factors are still unknown.

    Although links have been shown for smoking, diabetes, fatty diet, sedentary lifestyle, pollution, insecticides.

    Hence back to basics: active & healthy lifestyle & diet, with brain stimulating activities too, such as Mah Jong or Bridge. But maybe will not be healthy for your pocket! Hahaha!!!

  6. maybe our money leave for our loved ones may not be as good an idea after all, bcos there r times that they may not only squander it and may even will become taking things for granted.

    So that is why many tycoons like Bill Gates, WB and Mark Z prefer to give away.

    Maybe if we focus in our lifetime to be more loving and more righteous and more caring and sharing, maybe that is the thing that truly not disappear! Money do disappear eventually....


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