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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Inflation In Other Form And Not Necessary In Price Increase

Obviously smaller now!


  1. CW,

    Wah lao!

    That pink thing is "peng kueh"?

    I think they must have gotten inspiration from Mcdonalds. I could have swore the fillet-o-fish is getting smaller and smaller!


  2. Hahaha!!! Either the soon kueh is super big, or the png kueh is McNugget size! :) :)

  3. Hehe... ya, either price up or portion less. Even coffee ☕️ at many plc getting thinner & thinner no matter how you remind them u want a thicker coffee. Next time, when order coffee, must declare first " I'm not a stutter." I want a cup of kopi gao gao gao gao gao……:)))

    1. Quote : I want a cup of kopi gao gao gao gao gao……:)))

      Next time you order

      Kopi O tilo

      or kopi tilo

  4. The official inflation numbers must be taken with a full container-ship load of salt. Firstly, those numbers are based only on bare-bone raw ingredients such as "Chye Sim". But we know Singaporeans don't survive their entire life just on such ingredients. If the really want to show the true inflation, they should instead measure the stuff that most Singaporeans spend on, such as eating out, car, home, electricity, phone bills, etc. Another inflation that is completely ignored is the Incredible Shrinking Portions phenomena. Everything we buy nowadays not only increased in price, but the portion size has also shrunk. In addition, the amount of expensive ingredients e.g meat in every dish has been reduced and the plate made to look more crowded using cheaper ingredients such as vegetables. I have noted that even our tissue our toilet paper sheets have become even thinner even as they charge us much more for 3-ply and now the 4-ply versions. It's no wonder official inflation numbers are full of sh**.

  5. Ha! Ha!

    Zero inflation rate if you don't have to eat.


    You still have to use.

    Therefore spend what you can afford now; "Don't think twice, It's alright" (aka BOB DYLAN).

    Your money will becomes "smaller & smaller".

  6. Don't worry, next big bear will drop prices across the board --- deflation. Maybe can get Cat B COE for $10K again. Hohoho!!!

    To everything there is a season, turn, turn, turn...

    Modern credit & debt-based capitalism will always produce boom & bust cycles. With fiat currencies, there will always be positive expectation of inflation over long run, due to ease of money printing. But in-between there will be market crashes & deflation.

    I know many lurkers here will be happy with a bout of serious deflation. Hehehehe!!!

    Those who recently retired with bulk of their funds in cash & investment-grade govt bonds will benefit best from deflationary scenario. If got 10-yr depression lagi best. But country may also collapse liao & go into mass riots. Wakakakaka!!! :)


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