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Friday 2 June 2017

Hey! Not All Self-Employed (Own Boss) Can Suka Suka!

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Met this taxi driver neighbor while walking to the lift and had a short conversation.

Neighbour: You good life. Walk here. Walk there.

CW: Okay lah.

Neighbour: Why you want to retire? You can work till 65. Right? Your Manager pay not bad. Why retire?

CW: Bo pian. I have to retire! I can't tell Boss that I want to work less hours and want to work part-time. No such thing!

Neighbour: I also want to retire.

CW: You no need to retire. You suka suka can park your taxi and lim kopi. You can suka suka don't drive; park and sleep.

Neighbour: Wrong leh! Cannot suka suka don't drive. Everyday still need to drive a few hours to cover rental. Bad life!

Hmm .... not all self-employed (own boss) can suka suka don't work the minimum "hardness"!

Why so many people are seeking financial independence? 


  1. By nature self-employed with fixed overheads are constrained too.

  2. CW,

    Born rich is the most passive! Financially free from the day you were born. Just have to pray daddy mummy don't fritter away the family wealth as you grow up...

    Marry rich requires some effort; not passive. But once in, whether one is a stay at home dad or tai-tai, no need to worry about money matters just as long your significant other don't declare bankrupt...

    Then there are those who struck Toto :)

  3. That taxi driver should convert to private driver using Grab & Uber. Rental for average car is much cheaper than renting taxi. And now most rides are booked by apps. The heyday when taxi drivers can earn enough to feed family is long gone.

    Self-employed is an illusion especially when there are huge debts to repay e.g. large mortgages. Many people have at least 2 bosses. The one where they are working. And another whose hand is on their home.

  4. Uncle,

    Why people choose to be self-employed is so that they are in better control of their life. They would like to think they are in control but that is not the truth as shared by you. Being self-employed is just one of the many means to be financial independence. So why do one wangs to be financial independence? So that they are in control of their life.

    Financial independence equal in control of your life.
    Self-employed is just a means to achieve financial independence.

    Caveat: You may or may not control health and relationship even if you have achieved financial independence.

  5. Self employed doesn't mean no need to work leh....

    Being your own boss => u decide how hard u work => how much u earn
    Being employed => boss decide how hard u work => how hard u work may not change how much u earn (until the next performance review cycle)

  6. I remember one taxi uncle ever told me that he can't suka-suka go holiday when he was ferrying me to the airport. That's because his taxi rental was very high, if no one takes over when he's away, he lugi money.

    1. Yalor. With fixed overheads; no income to cover overheads will turn into operating loss or negative cash flow.

    2. Now should be even harder to find relief drivers for their taxi.


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