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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Topping Up Parent's Retirement Account : One Good Idea of Compounding Round Trip Of My Money Back To My Own Pocket???

  2. My mother who is 77 years old has $100 in her RA. I plan to top up her RA to $60k and get about ~5% compounded interest. I have her nominate her CPF to me. What do you think? Will the future of me thank me?
When we live long enough we may have chance to read or witness rare happening but it did happen!
We have our parents nominated us as beneficiary and thinking we are the beneficiary till their death and our money topping up to our parents' RA has compounded richer and will be making a full round trip back to our own pocket. Sibei shiok!
Chun bo?
May be some of us may not be older enough to read those rare happening but did happen when high profile cases were reported in newspaper. There could have been many other smaller CPF accounts that were not reported by news papers.
Of course, we knew we are the CPF beneficiary of our parents as we have DIRECTED them to do so. But hor!; our parents can change the CPF beneficiary at anytime without us even knowing.
One fine day; our parents may decide they should be doing more good deeds before they passed and nominate their CPF money to their beloved charity. But, on positive thinking; we may change our mindset to think of good karma. :-)
There were reported cases of shocking wives who discovered that some other women became the real beneficiary after their beloved and dear hubbies have passed away.
Uncle8888 has witnessed one case with his own eyes at his ex-colleague's father wake. His late father's mistress came to his wake and crying so unbearably and even more sad than his mother. That was terrible shock to his mother; children and relatives.
In life; something may happen unexpectedly and strangely!


  1. CW,

    Sometimes we can be "too clever" for our own good...

    I've learnt this excellent analogy about "enough" from a book (can't remember where):

    When eating water-melons, we don't have to eat all the way to the green parts.

    Leaving some bits of the red parts behind is a bit of waste, but look! We have more water-melons around us ;)

  2. IMO, it is a good strategy to give money to your parent and get higher interest at the same time.

    However, there are risks as cited by CW.

    Nevertheless, one should be aware on his/her circumstances that he/she has 99% sure that the money will goes back to him/her.

    Bottomline, to each his own.

    Ownself check ownself.

    1. For me, I will not put top up money to parent's SA.

      I would just give them adequate allowance and have the flexibility of manage my funds.

  3. This's just to show no "investment" is "foolproof"
    And nothing is surer than money in your own pocket.

    And i think if too many people do it, our G will soon shift the goalpost.
    i.e. close the "loophole".
    Ha! Ha!


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