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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Don't Set "Silly" Investing Goals And Let Grasshoppers Laugh At You!

You may have read it somewhere in the cyber world from some investment course trainers that by following certain Buffet-Like investing method or Buffet-Twisted investing method; you can LOOK forward to achieve 15% CAGR.

Chun bo?

Like that. Why are these investment course trainers choose to earn one time course fee when they can join the fund management industries to earn year after year annual fund management fee and annual performance fee?

How to avoid setting "silly" investing goals and let Grasshoppers laugh at you.

Benchmark your investing goals against this table where the world's well known investing Masters have performed,

What did you set for your investing goals?

4-5% CAGR or 15% CAGR?


  1. Both Peter Lynch n Buffett in the correct era.

    They are good but not as magical as what pple thought!

    Imagine Buffett invest in 1920-1945

  2. CW,

    Must give you a compliment - you're doing great poking at 100 steps ants ;)

    Good job! (I can slang American)

  3. Wow, didn't know value partners so power !!

    I aiming for 6%, if I achieve it I in the league of GIC already ...

    But hor...

    The returns calculate based on portfolio size or CIRR. If it also include capital injection that is is even less flattery than it looks

  4. CAGR is one thing.
    In which period of WB's life, he made almost all his money?
    So beware.

    1. In fact that period he made 94% of all his money as reported by in 2015

  5. 1) CW,

    My fault. I praised sillyinvestor last night... He back to being delusional...

    2) Sillyinvestor,

    a. Make a wild guess why Rolf, temperament, and CW focus on time frames?

    b. Do you have a 10 year track record?


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