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Friday, 17 June 2016

His Retirement Income (2)

Read? His Retirement Income

Uncle8888 caught up with this guy for an update on his tracking
and the conversation went something like these ....

CW8888: How is your tracking? Can show me?

Guy: Tracked for sometime. Now, stopped tracking. No mood. Sianz! Keep losing on soccer betting!

CW8888: Har! Thought you sibei chun on your betting. You said soccer betting is your "PASSIVE" income. Tracking liao. Bo chun?

CW8888: Human nature is like! Win money can remember and talk loud! Lose money. Tiam tiam and forget it. Like that. You forever made money.

Uncle8888 took the chance to super poke him ...

CW8888: Wah! You give away $10 and win $5. Sibei tok kong!

CW8888: Now, you give me $10 and give you $5 and broadcast for you in the Internet; you sibei tok kong in soccer betting!

CW8888: lai lai. LOL!

The very human nature at play. Win money talk louder. Lose money tiam tiam.

Sometime, Uncle888 tries to understand why some people refuse to track and measure their performance closely. Ego at stake?

He is close to 60!

Human nature doesn't change with age!


  1. Good things of course must show off mah hahahaa. if something bad happen must keep low, if not very pai seh de leh

  2. CW,

    Now everything is also passive income???

    Soccer betting!?

    Usage of "Passive Income" reaching bubble stage?


    1. I also said...

      Since when betting soccer is passive income? lol


    2. Watch soccer matches and make $$. Should be passion income and not passive income. LOL!

  3. In money matters, must track one.
    If no track how do you know where you are now?
    If you don't know where you are now, it means you are lost somewhere.
    If you are lost somewhere, how to get to the place you wanted to go?
    Actually i have no "fixed place to go".
    i just have to know where i am now to continue my journey to the "no fixed place to go".

    But i started to track my money seriously when i started investing in the stock market at age 40.
    It's never too late to start.
    "It's better late then never", they said.

    1. temperament,

      I almost made a fool of myself.

      Wanted to poke you since you have "no fixed place to go" - why do you need to know where you are?

      Then I paused, think about it for moment, eh? Got mind-fxxxed!

      You man of the cross don't play play. Got some serious Zen ink in your stomach!

      Lucky I never poked you!


  4. Ha!Ha!
    The only fixed place to go for us, Christian is the "promised land" after we pass through this land on Earth.
    This is like a powerful magnetic compass that reminds us from time to time if we stray or wander off too far from the place we wanted to go.

  5. Human nature indeed.

    But if one is not honest with him/herself, one will not be able to learn. Especially important for newbies, for they have much to learn.

    Still painful though to see tracked results all red red :(


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