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Friday, 24 June 2016

How Do You Eat Your Water Melon???

SMOL: Eating your water melon to the green?  (Can't remember exactly)

Water melon is usually big enough to cut into enough pieces to eat till we are shiok!

Watch yourself carefully next time how you eat your water melon.

Eating your water melon to the green and can't see any red? 

Know yourself!


  1. May be some doesn't bother the taste of eating into the green and the whole feeling of taste eating just above the green. :-)

  2. CW,

    I read it from a self-help book - was it Dale Carnegie? Can't remember...

    When asked how much is enough?

    The farmer was eating water melons with his granddaughter and showed the water melon slices he ate and threw away.

    There were lots of red parts left on the slices...

    When you have "enough", you don't have to eat all the way to the yucky green parts ;)

    And before all you stingy money grabbers come say its so much "waste", just take note the farmer and his granddaughter were both sitting in front of a water melon patch ;)


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