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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

I am meant for bigger things in life than this?

Read? I am meant for bigger things in life than this?

The truth is the way of our life may not within our control.

Uncle8888 has no doubt that he was meant for bigger things in his life and thing was progressing until one day in 2004.

Look at his Progress Chart.

That one day in his life has signaled that he was not fated for bigger thing forward and he then joined those people who will not clear any employment health examination and his life has been marked for life expiry which seeks confirmation every six month for next extension.

When we have expiry we will think differently! We may not understand until we reach that Bridge to cross!


Do our best but our health may not fully within our control.

20 % DNA
20% Health Care
60% What we do to our Body and Mind every day!


  1. Wow!
    Are you saying, you have been working in the same company till now?
    If so your art of office politics survival is super ed.
    i normally can't survive office politics for 3 to 5 years.
    So had to change company every 3 to 5 years lol.

    i give my all in my technical skills but always found not enough to survive in a company.
    Because some or more people choose to hone the art of office politics (Back stabbings) more than their skills.
    If they have both, you die faster lol!

    1. So now you know why i stop swimming in office politics at 53.

      In fact i always think i am not suitable working for people.
      i think my worst point is i do not like TC (or small talk) to get myself accepted by someone or a group.
      i talk what i think without hesitation boss or no boss till today.
      So i think i only actually suitable working for myself- Taxi driver or maybe a hawker.
      The best thing i found i can work for myself in investing in the stock market.
      Who cares about office politics in the stock market?
      Damn office politics.
      Stock market got stock market politics too. -(manipulations and rigging of all sorts).
      So i can survive until today, thank GOD.

    2. Useless bum and no place to run. :-)

    3. Ya lol!
      Everywhere also got politics one.
      Actually my politics is i talk what i am happy about, you talk what you are happy about.
      If we are still happy with each other, then friend lol.
      Of course it can not apply in the office or working place.
      That's why i come to conclusion i can not work for people when i was about 30+.

  2. The way I see it - when another door opens, you are meant for bigger things. Also, depending on your situation in life, bigger things would mean different things to different people.

    In your case, the bigger thing meant for you at this stage of your life is to scale the investment ladder.

    Wish you the best in your investment journey!

  3. Got people got politics, can't run can't hide.


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