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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Financial Education Is Small Price To Pay. So Don't Laugh???

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To confess here.

Actually, Uncle8888 is watching this junior than CW8888 newbie investor closely on his investment progress after he has attended some 15% return investment training course. So far; his progress is disappointing.

Can long-term investing over decades of market cycles be taught like Turtle Trading?

It is something like buying life insurances from friends or relatives; by the time we need them to settle our insurance policies; they may move on.

Same as these investment course trainers. Our investment result can only be proven after at least one decade. By that time; the investment course trainers like insurance agents may have move on and we are left on our own to suck fingers!

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Trading courses are different. Results are known in shorter time frame; but the trainees are always at fault.

Did you do this or that? No? Then your fault!


  1. What snake oil and seasoned sales people have in common?

    After years of experience; they have learnt to overcome all expected commonly known queries and objections. :-)

  2. now the investment course snake oil have advanced liao.

    they use warren buffett name, use value investing as front, can list overseas some more, talk down people in facebook, pretend to be religious (personally throughout my life, I find people who quote religiously every other speech have proven themselves to be quite pretentious), setup investment funds.

    generally, every snake oil person will mention in their presentations to:
    1. write down their words.
    2. raise your hands.
    3. pose for a group photo
    4. wake up early like 4am 5am like they do. (the earliest I met said to wake 3am)

    all these are warning signs.

    if you encounter one, then you are in the company of snake oil: you are being sold to.


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