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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Do you think your life will change drastically after Financial Independence?

Read? Do you think your life will change drastically after Financial Independence?

So far based from Uncle8888's reading into many books on retirement ... One possible reason why many of us fear retirement and many more HNWIs continue to work even they can retire anytime from their full-time job.

These people are likely to have Achievement-oriented personality.

They can't live without any sense of achievement in their life. As retirees; it is so hard to maintain that sense of achievement without career, business or corporate activities to boost up.

So Uncle8888 understands this!

For the initial year in his retirement, Uncle8888 has set for himself along this path to have sense of some achievement but not in career or business.

It will be some achievement for personal well being and fitness. With more free time, he should get fitter and maintaining fitness and may be he can become role model for other senior citizens or retirees who are "Italy".

Senior citizen are older but NOT necessary weaker!

This blog on Short-term trading and Long-term investing may have inspired you to take charge of your personal finance and investment to reach the edge of financial independence since Nov 2006.

The next chapter of this blog will aim to inspire other retirees and senior citizens to take charge of their own fitness and be fitter.

No "Italy"! No excuse!

Uncle8888 also loves to eat and in fact he lives to eat and NOT eat to live! The only period he has to eat to live was those many months after his cancer treatment when every meal was an oat meal with Ensure drink!

I am old but I am not weak!


  1. We need health to enjoy our wealth and preferably not to spend our wealth to restore health.

  2. Well said.... Always like to read your blog and comments

  3. Uncle 8888, 赞啦 !!
    (Silent reader, First time commentor)
    PS: Your blog not lor sor..sometimes funny.. many times 一针见血。

  4. CW8888 : Very inspiring take on "retirement"! Let's arrange to lim kopi one of this day! ;-)

    Oh, thanks for mentioning my post. Cheers!


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