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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Financial Independence: Passive Income > Household Expenses??? Chun bo?

This guy is really something!

No parroting like many other new investment bloggers coming on board! Ask serious question!

Read? Concerns about passive income

I read many blogs and saw many bloggers showing their portfolio focusing on Singapore stocks and also properties as well. I am trying to learn bit by bit and trying to understand the risk as well. Of course I am coming from the very very negative point whereby there is a super huge crash in Singapore economy, maybe worse than 2008/2009, what is their contingency plan?


Old man like Uncle8888 who lives long enough to know the real world of investing and economy so he doesn't want just to depend on investment income to survive. It is a strategy of getting much lower investment return but trade off by having certainty of other sources of cash flow for survival.
Passive income > household expense = financial independence?
No! No! No! Not for him!
Uncle8888 went through this thought in 2008/2009 and knew it well. Many passing days of on and off thinking of Great Depression 2.0 coming might have driven him into his own mental depression sooner than the arrival of Great Depression 2.0!
His Three Taps Solution may be the answer for those seeking to answer the familiar passive income concerns in Great Depression 2.0.



  1. In 2008, one publicly known man couldn't rent out his property after his last tenant moved out and he kept advertising (appealing?) for rental at his own largely followed blog.

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  3. CW,

    Sometimes I wonder why people tie themselves into a knot by putting "passive" in front of income...

    Isn't it better to simply write: Financial Independence = Income more than expenses?

    Now that's more holistic! You know, the helicopter see the whole forest thing valued by strategic management?

    Yeeks! Now got more things to "worry" about:

    1) If income is mainly salary, what if I were to be retrenched? What can I do to make myself more untouchable or employable?

    2) If income is mainly from my own business, what if the firm failed? How can I prevent creditors from grabbing ALL of my assets? How to stash some money away for my comeback? (Some of the "solutions" may border on breaking the law; consult your lawyer)

    3) If income is mainly from CPF Life, what if the govt goes down the drain like Greece and Venezuela? How do I hedge and protect myself against corrupt thugs and/or spendthrift socialists?

    And so forth, depending on what's your main source of income. Life is more than just "passive" income.

    If there were internal racial or religious conflicts, war in the region, epidemic disease, pollution (man-made or nature), etc; what now?

    Still want to stay stuck in Singapore?

  4. Quote : "Isn't it better to simply write: Financial Independence = Income more than expenses?"


    Like that arh!

    Who dare to retire? :-)

    1. Precisely!

      If we worry ourselves to death this and that, what's the point?

      That's why there are millionaires who don't feel financially SECURE. Paranoid everyone is after their money...

      While there are peasants and working class city folks who are happy, contented, and grateful as their income is more than expenses. There's surplus to help their neighbours, make offerings to their gods, and give themselves a treat once in a while.

      Financial Independence is more a mindset :)

  5. Hi Uncle CW
    I’ve been a quiet reader of your investment blog for a while. Thank you for your lessons. In regards to the blogger who post that question “What if I am still in my 40s when I retire and the dividends that I rely on goes boom?”

    I was just wondering…. The blogger is quite young. Why didn’t he consider going back to work? Get a part time/full time job for income. (Cleaner, taxi driver, NTUC staff or Singapore pools staff). No passive income income, need to buy food, get active income lol. I think it is quite straightforward.

    Base on Mr Seah’s comments… If too old cannot work, depend on kids for allowance. In return, we can look after grandkids. Grow some hydroponics herbs/vegs or catch some fish for dinner. No need to stress too much.

    If there are problems beyond our control (war, racial riot, disease, pollution), Also no need to stress too much. Just need to choose fight to flight.

    1. Quote: "catch some fish for dinner"

      This one is doable. Can approach any friendly looking fishermen? "Bro/Uncle, got any old fishing line or rod to give me? I no money to buy"?

      Then go and dig for worms and use for baits. Fishing for dinner. Near FOC. :-)

    2. chewyc,

      Don't Mr Seah me ;)

      Just call me Jared or SMOL.

      Life has no guarantees. We just have to adapt and roll with the punches.

      What if I got cancer after I become financially free? Now that's a bigger problem to worry about than money not enough!

      Well, I'm flexible to work for McDonald's, if needed :)

    3. Hi! I am the person who raise the question. The reason why I raise this question is because many people are going for early retirement, also mention in newspaper and such. this will give people the mindset that if I have enough passive income to cover my expenses, I can retire and do my own stuff at my own time.

      So was asking myself, what is the bottom line that I should set in order to declare retire. So I include various situation (those really negative scenarios) that will really create an impact to those who are already retire (maybe for 5 to 10 years), how do they get back to work (maybe Mcdonald, or taxi driver or etc), but will these job enable them to cover their expenses? Especially when you have family and etc.

      Just my personal thoughts and was thinking what I have missed out with the term "financial freedom".

  6. Ha! Ha!
    Google Jack MA why he thinks some people or most poor remain poor.

    And why at my age i still so interested in the stock market leh?
    Remember i am getting more and more 4Ks now due to my age.
    Money still not enough?
    Have to leave Legacy?
    Nothing better to do?
    Etc. ...........

    1. FYI,
      i still quite interested in
      "It's Probably Overpriced"
      i think it's worth to pay attention.
      Even though for good to very good ones you have to tikam for it (draw lots if you applied).

      i think this FLT is quite interesting.
      It's already oversubscribed by 6 times not you or me but INSTITUTIONS.
      How many times by the Public?
      10 times?
      Tikam lol!

  7. You make so many great points here that I read your article a couple of times. Your views are in accordance with my own for the most part. This is great content for your readers.


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