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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Feel like eating then go and eat!

Uncle8888 went to JB again this morning because he feels like eating then go and eat lor!

Weekend JB queue is super long. Seow bo?

But, not for a Grasshopper's blood flowing in a Fisherman's body.

Patience and happy can liao!

Hiap Joo's Banana cake

Freshly baked and still hot banana cake with Kopi-O. Shiok!


  1. Saw one nearby eating outlet, Triple K selling Pepper Root & Oxtail soup. Next time at JB Central will try this one.

  2. CW,


    We make good sparring partners ;)

    Youth may need sometime to realise the purpose of a good debate is not to sledgehammer your opponent over to our point of view... It's never about "winning" or changing other people.

    It's an exercise to first seek to understand; then to be understood :)

  3. Uncle, is a grasshopper but an ant at the core. Spend $3 ringgit is $1 sgd. Efficient and effective use of retirement funds. Trying be a real grasshopper go to a swanky coffee house in SG. :-p

    1. Banana cake is RM7.80 for 10 pcs (500g ?) and kopi-O is RM1.60.

      BUT, his time value doesn't worth much and his patience is highly elastic. So, be careful when comparing.


  4. For the past few years, me and my wife have been exploring the streets beyond JB.

    There are some known street smart tips that we need to know by heart before exploring those streets out of shopping malls in Johore for some preventive measure i.e. we have to do our own diligence and the rest of it leave to God if we knowingly step into well known unsafe places like Malaysia Boleh.

  5. We joined one queue and soon we realized this queue moved slower than some other queues. It was only after moving 60 or 70% into the counter and realized why slower?

    It was actually three queues converging into one queue just before the counter. LOL!

    Next time, must open eyes wide or use binocular to detect which are the converging queues. Ha Ha!


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