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Friday, 24 June 2016

Pursuing Life Independence After Financial Independence??? (2)

 Read? Pursuing Life Independence After Financial Independence???

Our own personal encounter and experience will count the most for our next decision making and we should give less weightage on others' advices or opinions especially in the cyber world which has full of opinions of kind intentions ! These are kind intentions!

Kind not necessary means it is good for us! Get it?

Late FIL: His three sons decided NOT to let him go and let the doctor revived him and then placed him in nursing home for after care. He lasted his extended life for another 18 months as bedridden patient with feeding tube, urine bag and oxygen mask.

As dementia patient, were his sons sure that this was the way he has wanted to extend his life by staring at the ceiling from his bed while waiting for visitors that he "didn't" know who are they except his eldest son!

Late MIL: She had  a bad fall and knocked against his head. Fractured skull with blood clotting in her brain and needed immediate head surgery to extend her life and it would be brain stroke. Her sons learnt the lesson and let her go and within few hours she passed away. The difference was that she didn't need to spend her extended life as stroke patient in a nursing home at age of 90.


  1. the first one is always painfully agonizing to decide.
    we should spare our families the burden by letting them know in advance our decisions.

    when a loved one is looking well, after being grieviously ill or severely injured, and suddenly wanting to talk to you way out of his/her normal behaviour, listen intently.

  2. CW,

    Palliative and Hospice care versus Curative treatments

    Palliative and Hospice care will feature more and more into our consciousness as Singapore ages.

    My Buddhist lecturer is she's very irreverent. She likes to give sugar-coated pokes to "so called" Buddhists. Every wannabe Buddhists know about the 4 Noble Truths. But when reality strikes onto themselves or their love ones, they forget all their learnings and cultivations...

  3. Just thinking ...

    Advance Medical Directive Act


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