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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Book : The Art of Execution

What a losing investment approach looks like?
See carefully!
(Take smaller profits so no big winners)
Lucky, Uncle8888's investment approach over the last 16 years in the stock market doesn't look like losing investment approach.
But, definitely need improvement to avoid more losing ones!
Not sure will more patience help to improve?
Fishermen watching for the tide of the day and night investing strategy!
A few big losers with a few bigger Winners.
In fact, one or two bigger winners can offset the total sum of losers!


  1. Losing is part of the Game,but we still need to continuously work on offsetting these losses and to avoid adding future big losses.

  2. How about always seem to buy and sell too early.
    Maybe you are right, more patience may be more and better winners.
    Too much, the tide has gone out already.

  3. Try goal settings on better entries and exists?

    Something we can control? OK, don't like control switch to influence lor!

    At least its better than plucking a figure out of thin air and saying my goal is X% return?

    If its an absolute return % backed with long/short strategy I can accept.

    But if its absolute return % based on long only strategy... Well, somebody is in denial ;)

    1. Excuse me what do you mean by long/short strategy?
      Don't know how to short leh.
      Even seldom succeed with short term trading.
      Can not follow you one, hoh.

    2. temperament,


      What's the point of setting X% returns goal annually when its more a case of market goes up I hit my goal; market goes down I don't hit my goal???

      Setting goals on something we have no control or little influence over?

      The goal may meet SMART criteria; but fails on logic...


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