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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Don't Laugh At Ants When They Looked Far Ahead Of Their Time

Uncle8888 was NOT born as Ant. It was the circumstance and personal encountered with the reality of life that has transformed him into an Ant who looked far ahead of his time and get ready for the reality of life.

No dancing in the Sun!

Long and harsh Winter may come sooner than expected.

Don't envy the Grasshoppers!

Grasshoppers can suffer alone and die alone; but Ants as community cannot drag other innocent members down just because he wants to sing song and merry go round!

The reality of life when AFC 1997/1998 taught his generation the biggest lesson in life and transformation to Ants. Looking around at those folks in his generation, many are Ants!

One Chinese saying: When we don't see coffin with our own eyes; we don't drop our tears!

Seeing with our own eyes is believing!

In 1997-98 Asian Financial Crisis (AFC), I have witnessed few colleagues broke down in tears when they were told that they were lay off. Some were so worried about their mortgage payments.

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We can see those who regret are likely to be those who didn't expect it coming and haven't adequately plan and prepare for it.

So don't laugh at Ants. When the time arrived; Ants will have the last smile! Life is just like that! Who has the last smile!


  1. Life is fair!

    The earlier we see coffin with our own eyes; we may be awaken to realize; plan and prepare for it coming! Sooner or later but it doesn't matter anymore as we are ready to lie in it!

  2. Ha! Ha!
    i think SMOL (me included) is calling bluff.
    Behind close doors, i plan like nobody's business.
    i quite sure SMOL does it too.
    After all the closed door planning, we present ourselves as grasshoppers always dancing in the meadow.

    You just reminded me the proverb :-
    " Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he."

    Even a whole nation can perish without looking into the future and therefore make provisions for any shortcomings.
    Just wonder how long will Singapore exist without vision?

    1. temperament,

      I never said I never plan or set goals ;)

      They are mere tools like screwdrivers or hammers.

      No, I'm not going to exalt tools like they "owned" me.

      Grasshopper like me (see? I never pull you in with me) focus on making the right decision and spotting opportunities when they arise.

      Once a decision is made, goals and plans flow naturally. What's the big fuss here?


      I don't for nothing poke fun of ants.

      I only poke 50 steps ant making fun of 100 steps ant.

      50 steps ant 得了便宜还卖乖。。。

  3. Yes, talk smart, but make sure you are not one when the time come.

  4. Is SG G an ant or ...?

    If not, then we are in deep trouble.

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  6. AFC is still not so bad bcos the world is less leverage then and most Sg are more conservative n mortgage are way lower than today.

    I can assure if the next real crisis come, the GFC will be just appetizer. Then due to the 2010-2014 housing boom, we can see that compare to 97, the housing leverage of today is way much more! So when jobs roll n ur debt is huge n if by some silly reason interest rate were to go back to the norm of 4-5%...

    It will not be just losing jobs, but losing homes!

    I am not pessimistic, but just like u, I like to plan ahead... but when there r times to be ant, we be ant... when there is time to be grasshopper, we dance.

    I prefer best of both world! hahhaa

  7. Ha!Ha!
    My sentiment is the same.
    There is a time for everything.
    To be an ant , Grasshopper, and even cocoon than butterfly("Tian Zang Pian").


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