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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Book : SOD 60 The Guide To Living Well

I am old but I am not weak! - CW8888



  1. Take note ...

    Our Health and Fitness

    20% : DNA

    20% : Health Care

    60% : What we do to our Body and Mind every day! Ask yourself!

  2. Uncle 8888

    What does SOD stands for btw ?

    1. noun: sod

      1. the surface of the ground, with the grass growing on it; turf.

      "underneath the sod was a layer of humus"

      •a piece of turf.

      "I was to retire before even the first sod was turned"


      verb: sod; 3rd person present: sods; past tense: sodded; past participle: sodded; gerund or present participle: sodding

      1. cover with sods or pieces of turf.
      "the stadium has been sodded"

      Google is my teacher. LOL!

    2. SOD 60

      In Ang mo : Silver 60

      In Chinese, Golden 60

    3. In Spore : Senior Citizen with Concession Pass. Cross traffic light with a tap with senior citizen concession card will get extra few minutes to cross the road. :-)

  3. In my company: Silver Talents (actually BS!) Should be Silver Assets to be shed off during recession to reduce costs. LOL!

  4. Then why don't you wait for retrenchment and get compensated for FOC $$$ if you think recession is coming soon?
    My wife was quite fortunate - FOC pay for 2 years at 60 for closing down unit.
    If not slot for another 2 years then what?

    1. If unlucky, tmr up lorry. How? LOL!

    2. His GCTO: "I 67 still working. You 60 want to retire?"

      Uncle8888: "The difference is I am sick man and not much time left!"

      Did GCTO got the meaning behind it?

    3. i have an impression your coast has been cleared all these years.
      Usually for DD, after staying clear for 10 years, should be cleared until "OLD AGE".
      LSL has been cleared for so long already.
      His prostate DD is not counted as Lymphoma DD.

  5. Retire gracefully...

    1. When come to stage 4, I will do the same when terminal disease strike.

      Go gracefully rather than burden our love one.

  6. Good one!

    Absolutely true for most of us!

  7. "When come to stage 4, I will do the same when terminal disease strike.

    Go gracefully rather than burden our love one."
    (My BIL had the same thought then)

    True only because of Money is a problem.

    On the other hand, if you have bought a Prudential's insurance policy that as long as you pay the annual premium, all expenses for cancer treatment are taken care by your policy.
    Further more, it seems each cancer patient's body (same 4th stage colon cancer) reacted quite differently to the drugs treatment.(some can't survive for weeks when they know they have cancer).
    And the side effects of the treatment seems to be mild to very mild.
    Some survive for 4 to 5 years or more.
    i know.
    My BIL is one of them

    It is almost 5 years already.
    May God allow him to live "normally" for more years.
    We know every day is another day of bonus life for him.
    Do you think ours are so much different?
    i don't think so.


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