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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Return My CPF. DBS 188% Total Return over 6 Years! Round 18: Sold @ $20.31 (3)

Read? Return My CPF. DBS 188% Total Return over 6 Years! Round 18: Sold @ $20.31 (2)

What next for DBS?

Got plans for Round 19?

Another round of laughter for Grasshoppers to enjoy!


  1. While we can't control the Market to happen, we can definitely plan for it when it happened in the Market.

    Patience is the key element in planning. It may take years to happen or it may not happen in our lifetime.

    It is like buying ToTo. Got buy. Got hope.

    Do we regret buying ToTo and bang our head against the wall? No. Right?

    Got plan. Got hope.

    Start planning for 2015!

  2. CW,

    Holiday mood you are letting your standard drop...

    Cannot give me this opportunity so wide that I can drive a big SMRT bus through lah!

    Got buy Toto; got hope - This I can accept.

    But got plan; got hope?

    Hello... Buy Toto is ACTION; not plan OK?

    Got action; got hope. Got plan only where got hope?

    Just ask those people you knew who made plans to buy big big during the GFC in 2008/09 but never squeesed the trigger.

    Snigger, snigger.

    Don't thank me,

    See? I work during the holidays and you relax...


  3. Uncle CW, how do you come up with 7 cents opp cost? Thank you.

    1. If I have hold on to DBS , I will get $0.58 yearly dividend.

      But, now that I have sold it @ $20.31 and return the money back to CPF OA to earn $0.51 yearly interest @ 2.5% rate. It is about $0.07 ($0.58 - $0.51) "losses" as opportunity cost for waiting to buy back DBS at much lower price e.g. at $17.

      For every $1 down in DBS, I will get $0.025 as additional interests in CFP OA on the following one year anniversary on the date of buy back.

  4. Thank you for explaining in detail. Now the entire table makes sense :)

    Happy New Year! May 2015 bring lots of heating opportunities for our pillow stocks.


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