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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Kep Corp: Smelly and Oily.

Based on Uncle8888's Simple TA, it is sibei ugly since $8.39 support was easily broken and followed by bad news of oil price still going down with no sign of price stability.

Next year in early May long (wrong) term (turn) investors will likely to get at least 30 cts worth of panadol to ease their many months of headache and heartache.

Golar to help Keppel?

Golar herself needs $$$ to help Keppel. So how?


  1. Wah 30 cents next May not bad eh... higher yield than SCI

  2. NEW YORK: Oil prices fell in London and New York on Thursday (Dec 4) helped by reports that Saudi Arabia has trimmed its export prices and is doing nothing to tighten supplies.

    US benchmark West Texas Intermediate for delivery in January lost 57 cents from Wednesday's close to US$66.81 per barrel. In London deals, Brent North Sea crude for January lost 28 cents to US$69.64. Prices for both remained around US$2 a barrel above their Monday lows, but there was no sign of support in the markets.

    Reports said Riyadh cut January prices for its crude to Asian and US buyers, as the world's leading exporter defends its market share and, some analysts speculate, seeks to drive high-price producers out of the market.

    "A source familiar with official Saudi policy says they have no particular price level in mind and will allow the market to arrive at an appropriate price level," said Tim Evans of Citi Futures. That contrasts, Evans noted, with the Saudi stance as recently as May that it saw US$100 a barrel for Brent as ideal for both exporters and consumers.

  3. The "Minsky moment" is back.

    Six years ago, the theories of economist Hyman Minsky were used to make sense of the collapse in housing prices, and its attendant effects on the economy. Today, Marc Chandler says the energy sector has just suffered its own Minsky moment. And while he doesn't expect it to take down the stock market, the slide in oil could have a serious impact on the high-yield bond market.

    Minsky moment is a term coined by Pimco economist Paul McCulley in 1998, and it refers to a point when a period of rapid growth and risk-taking leads to a sudden turn lower and a crisis. Chandler, global head of markets strategy at Brown Brothers Harriman, says that is precisely what is happening in crude oil.

    "Many people a couple years ago, a year ago, were saying that oil prices could only go up—'we're in peak oil'—meaning that we're running out of the stuff. So a lot of things were leveraged based on oil prices that can only go up. Sort of like house prices—'they can only go up.' So what happened is, because people held this as a deep conviction, they leveraged up," Chandler said Thursday on CNBC's "Futures Now."

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  5. OSLO: The continued fall of oil prices could lead to postponement of US$150 billion worth of projects in the sector worldwide, a Norwegian consulting firm said on Friday (Dec 5).

    "Everything will depend on what oil companies decide to do, but if they don't exploit the fields which break even with the barrel above US$80, US$150 billion will go down the drain," chief analyst at Rystad Energy, Per Magnus Nysveen, told AFP.

    On Friday, Brent crude fell close to US$69 a barrel in London, a drop of 40 percent from June.

    Falling oil prices combined with high production costs in the sector force oil companies to postpone or even cancel developments of oil finds in order to maintain their cash flow.

    Norway's energy giant Statoil, for example, has delayed decisions on its Johan Castberg project, a massive off-shore oil field in the Arctic with an estimated 400 to 600 million barrels in which operations are expected to be costly.

    "Anything with high costs will be vulnerable: the Arctic, oil sands and small deep-water projects," Nysveen said.

    "All countries will suffer. Russia will suffer because of the Arctic. Canada and Alaska will suffer ... whereas US shale oil has become less expensive to produce and should therefore not suffer that much."

    Rystad Energy refuses to publish its estimates on the future evolution of barrel prices but, according to Nysveen, there are no signs of a pick-up in the near future. "The offer is really overabundant in the market today and we think that it'll be even more overabundant at the beginning of next year," he said.

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  7. U.S. oil settled at a 5-year low on Friday as strong U.S. employment data did little to lift the oil market's bearish mood a day after Saudi Arabia cut official selling prices.

    U.S. crude futures settled 97 cents lower at $65.84 per barrel, its lowest level since July 29, 2009.

    The January Brent crude contract dipped in and out of positive territory in afternoon trad as the market grappled with oversupply due to the U.S. shale boom and the recent decision by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries not to cut production. It was down 67 cents at $70 a barrel.

  8. Analysts said the Saudi cuts to monthly prices for crude it sells to the United States and Asia just a week after blocking cuts to OPEC's output show it is stepping up its battle for market share.

    "It's been weighing on the market, showing that OPEC is not ready to end its price war," said Commerzbank analyst Eugen Weinberg. "The lower the better seems to be the new paradigm for OPEC."

  9. Oversupply could rise next year when Iraq starts to export more oil because of an agreement between Baghdad and the Kurdish regional government.

    The supply of North Sea crude that underpins the Brent benchmark will average 871,000 barrels per day in January, according to loading programs provided by trade sources.

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