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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Permanent losses due to permanent lower oil price???

 There goes XIRR for the next two years until re-investment return.


  1. For those haven't see volatility at work.

    This is real life showcase how it may look like for your future investment portfolio.

    Anyone still believe in rising investment portfolio value year on year for the next 20 yrs as advertised by investment gurus on newspapers?


  2. Volatility will always exist. Guru will always exist. Naive investors will also always exist.

  3. it is important to take profits off the table from time to time.

    people just worry of seller's remorse most of the time.

  4. Ha! Ha!
    All these years I have "seller's remorse" & "buyer remorse" (opposite of the former) if I look back. I don't believe anyone who says he doesn't. I think it's unavoidable in investing in the stock market. In fact I do wonder if I B&H (as the recommended convention), how many times I would have suffered "buyer remorse?
    At the end of the day the Real Remorse is when you need a large sum money and therefore have to sell regardless of the conditions of the market. And the market happens to be 2008/2009. Touch wood. May none of us need to face such situation.
    I always apply this prayer which happens to be from an anonymous Christian to even the stock market. And of course my daily life.

    "No one reacts to things as they are but to one's own mental images. Keep me aware that it is not what happens to me in life that matters, but rather how I react to what happens".


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