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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Don't Smoke. Don't Drink. Don't Drive. Don't Casino. Don't Gamble 4D. Don't Call Chicken??? (2)

Read? Don't Smoke. Don't Drink. Don't Drive. Don't Casino. Don't Gamble 4D. Don't Call Chicken???

Next ...

How to reduce your expenses farther?

Living one or two level below what you can afford then you can save enough investing capital as your war chest.

Some examples on how Uncle8888 has more money to invest for his war chest by doing these.

He could afford 5-room HDB flat; but he bought a 4-room.

He could afford 4-room HDB flat in Toa Payoh but he rather live in ulu Hougang (previously known as Punggol Rd. It was later renamed to Hougang to sound not so ulu)

He could afford a car but he took bus and taxi. In fact, in his office he is one of very few oldies who don't drive. A car as convenience is not an excuse to drive and not even having three kids. Taxi service is not that bad.

Oh! For convenience and save time?

Ask why are we always in hurry to save more time. 

Why others got so much time and we are seem always short of it? 

How come like that? Something is not right? 

He could afford expensive toys for his three kids; but he rather brought his kids to playgrounds, parks and beaches.

Those are some of things he has done to reduce expenses.

1 comment:

  1. Agree.
    I remember we never eat at normal restaurant until we have made our 1st $100K+ from the market., though we can actually.


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