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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Our salary increases by 4% per year???

Salary increases by 4% per year??? (based on MOM’s statistics on the average wage increase over the past 10 years)

Do workers or employees receive salary increase @ x% year after year until they retire at 65 (current official Singapore retirement age)?

Our current job may NOT be secured till our official retirement age.

Once we got retrenched; our salary may suffer deep cut and we start over again at much lower level?

We can still compound our salary @ X% growth as projected???

You got white hair or dyed hair?

If no, you want to check with your parents, grandparents; old uncles or aunties or your old uncles or aunties sitting in your office.

Uncle8888 took Statistics as one of his modules for his Uni study and knows it better.

Statistical data can be used for reference or BS by the presenter!

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  1. The best BS that I have heard in 2014 if no better BS surface till 31 Dec 2014

  2. Is this not a bigger BS:

    In this brand new 2 hours seminar, I will share with you how I am able to achieve a $10,000 monthly trading income with just 30 minutes a day!

  3. I graduated with an Engineering degree in 1987. Started working for AT&T in 1988 for about S$2K per month. Jumped to Hewlett Packard after 2 years for higher pay. Joined Caltex/Chevron 3 years later in 1992, again for higher salary.

    Retrenched in Feb 2004. Worked as a salaried employee for about 16.5 years. Last drawn salary S$8,350, if I remember correctly.

    Not employed or self employed since Feb 2004 as a full time day trader.

    I would say that my total income from my day trading is the same now compared to 5 years ago.

    Based on statistical projections, how much money would a fresh graduate have when they reach 65, if they can attend a trading course and make $10K a month?

  4. The most BS things are happening in the personal finance and investment sector and many will believe in BS and pay for them.

  5. This is what I said in FB with reference to the $3M article. :-)

    Mathematically correct.....

    Most of the people salary hit a snap when he is in the mid life crisis age (40+). When so to silver age (50+), face with job retrenchment and few can work all the way to 60~65.

    Saving constantly of 25% through out is also not realistic. IMO, only few can do it.

    The article is bias as the writer is promoting Index Investing.

    1. Over the year across several bad economic cycles, I kena one time 10% pay cut with zero bonus and another two times of pay freeze with zero bonus. Older colleagues were retrenched. Considered myself quite lucky to survive with pay cut and pay freeze.

    2. Every job role in company has its salary ceiling or maximum. When we reach that salary ceiling or maximum; we will stay there without any salary increment for sometime till we either get promoted, move out for a higher salary, or lucky enough with company wide salary revision and adjustment.

      Only those few high flyers may keep moving up and get higher and higher pay till they retire as CXXX and the rest of us can only shake our head at yearly inflation. This one sure increase!

  6. The sad fact of an employee's life is that no employer will give increment beyond the current inflationary rate if the employee does not create more value for the company.

    And yes, retrenchment, pay freezes, etc...all can happen.

    How to consistently save 25% if u r really livinfg a normal life (ie get married, hv kids who need to eat and be brought up in a way to get ahead in the rat race, hv parents who are mortal and will get old and sick)?

    1. My colleague's father just passed away recently. His father spent more than 6 yrs in nursing home at $1,300 to $1,500 per month.

  7. Nowadays no more iron rice bowl liao, that's why Garment also encouraging people to increase their employability... ;-)


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