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Friday, 19 December 2014

Your Road To Financial Independence is no different from Jugglers???

The least difficult way is to juggle only three balls which is the most basic to achieve and to impress at your social gathering and parties.

3 Balls equivalent is like staying Single or DINK (Dual Income No Kids) to achieve financial independence. 

You are likely to be able to perform and achieve with more practices and coaching.

When you add kid, more kids and a housewife to your juggling performance with Single Household Income , when you can still perform and achieve. 

You are Superstar like this man!

Your road to financial independence can be least difficult or extremely challenging. 

It is your personal choice! How many balls you want to juggle?

But, don't worry!

The good news is many have attempted more than three balls and they also made it great.

BTW, we will all reap what we sow

The last phase of our life will NOT be like everyday counting how much money we have achieved over our lifetime.  We can open our eyes wide by looking at our parents, grandparent and grand relatives. What did you really observe?

How about visiting Tan Tock Seng Eye Clinic? What did you really observe? 

No escape, most and if not all old people will be visiting one of the eye clinics in Singapore. This is long consultation and long waiting time in between. 

How about more money?

Unfortunately, Uncle8888 knew it first hand, when we are dementia, we don't even know this thing called ....

Sometime, we DON'T even know the way home after living in the area for XX years. We need our caregivers to bring us home. Scary! Right?

The most important thing at this stage of our life. 

Who is our caregiver? Godson or Goddaughter?


  1. Good post but will probably be lost amonst the younger generation.

  2. Who is our care givers indeed is very important. Your money no matter how much (you have) can't help you now (if you got dementia). Scary to think of it if you live too old. But everyone of us have to face it.
    So for Single how?
    For DINK, the one who goes first is the lucky one , i suppose.
    The worst case is you have juggled 5 to 6 balls all your life but now you need them, you can't find them anymore.
    In that case, i rather be Single or Dink.
    At least, we escape "Heartache" at ripe old age. If our intellect still intact.

    1. How we treat our parents and parents in law, our children are watching us. At least we have done the right thing for them to watch.

  3. Agree.
    On the other hand, we can't control the outcome:-

    All your children if they are married, then the equation of who is to do what for you is quite complicated. Even if some not married though from your genes, don't forget genes do vary and change. All your children may think differently. In fact they do.
    We can only do our best for them, hope the best for them. And then prepare for the worst for ourself, in case.

    What about people like me & wife, only has one child.
    You have 3 or 4?
    Your chance is multiply by 3 or 4?
    If 1 or 2 goes "LOKOH", you still have 1 or 2 good durians ma.
    Congratulations if all your durians are "pow chiat"
    i see such happenings (durians go Lokoh) in many families.
    Mine included.

    1. No family is perfect because we are simply being human. Only, "Whom the God love die young".

      "i see the worry on your face,
      You got your troubles, i got mine."

      Yet day to day, we have to, so we will live as happy(well) as we can.

  4. I'm single and this has been my recurring nightmare......

    1. Esp as i see my aging parents. No solution in sight.


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