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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Blogging: Giving "Advice" to Readers means that we either Lose or Break even. We seldom win!!!

Just For Thinking ...

When Readers silently agreed or accepted our "Advice" and profit from it. 

Do you think that they will be very grateful  to our "Advice" and publicly acknowledge it and thank us? Most unlikely. Right?

But, when our "Advice" unfortunately turned out to be bad and harmful to them after sometime and cause them to suffer heavy financial losses in the stock market. 

Do you think that they will forget who actually gave them this bad "Advice" and cause them great losses?

Will they blame themselves ONLY and DON'T  blame the ones who gave them bad "Advice"?

Uncle8888 has been in the investment and stock forums, blogs and chat boxes for a long time, day and night.

Over the years, he has personally witnessed some people really cursed the "Advice" givers to their death and to hell for causing them great misery and financial losses for giving them  good "Advice" that unintentionally turned bad or harmful after sometime.

Disclaimers are no use when emotions are badly hurt!


  1. Okay. You win when you join the community of Gurus who are paid for their "Advice". LOL!

  2. Ha! Ha!
    Blogging is in the Public FORUM. And one man's meat is another poison always apply. ( For me is always what the heck, who cares? Applicable to myself too). Only I do care in private. Don't give invest advice to friends or kins if possible. Anyway nobody believes or listen to me this "BO TAK CHET" one.

  3. Uncle CW,

    Think of them as being hurt and letting them have a outlet for a while.

    After the whole thing, if the bad advice let them learn to do independent thinking, then it is very good advice

    1. The key word and the Moral of the Story is "Silent Readers."

      We do not know who are they. They may be already in financial shits and trying to get out of the shits and thinking that "Advice" is god-sent "Advice" to help them to get out from shits. But, that god-sent "Advice" turned bad and harmful and push them into living Hell. It became Devil's "Advice."

      I strongly agreed on temperament on "Don't give invest advice to friends or kins if possible." Better way is to explain method, mind, and money. Those educational stuff and very little on "Advice" to buy or sell.

    2. Agreed fully. Silent reader here.:)

    3. It is great to have one Silent reader momentarily broke the silence to support.

      Silent Readers? We just know from the number of pageviews. So many of them. Sweating!!!

      Active readers may seek to clarify further with the bloggers but NOT the Silent Readers.

      So we, bloggers must always keep these Silent Readers in mind.

  4. Finger pointing is easier than self reflection. The latter can bruise the ego. Typical human reaction.

    1. That is why we, bloggers must fully understand human reactions when terrible thing happened to them. Some may ki siao and turned vulgar :-(

  5. In merchant of venice – Shakespeare says to Portia – if to do were as easy as to know what were good to do, chapels had been churches and poor men’s cottages prince’s palaces.

    If someone gives up seat for you in the MRT, it is only polite to say thank you. That is in the sensory world. In the online world, etiquette like saying thank you for an advice that you benefit from it is hopefully increasing as more are using it as a communication platform.

    The missing link, i suspect is that trust grow over time as silent readers become a fan of your blog and hid you in the dark. Over time, they self persuaded that your "stock pick/unit trust/gold" are worth taking a serious look. The trigger can be at anytime when he/she felt the need to have the money...........

    If they win, some could possibly turn around and share this good news with their friends how "smart" they are ............
    If they lose, they need an outlet to vent out and the forum, blog happens to meet their criteria without exposing their identity.
    Forgive them if they are unkind in their words and cause any hurt, they do not know what they are doing..........
    Erase this blots from your memory and replace it with good wishes, congratulatory remarks, surprise gifts, increased traffic, feeling good helping others, sense of altruism,etc

    Like a good movie, the script is rewritten unnumbered times before it is presented to the audience. As directors of life, we are capable of rescripting the message to suit our goals and vision.

    All the best :)

  6. CW,
    what advise would you give if say, you suddenly got a left-right-center in some other people's blog; blaming you for something which you are Not following up from an article which you have published?


  7. haha ...
    good one.

    just wondering what you will do when you suddenly got hammered for something you wrote or did not write.

    1. Learn to be wiser and avoid doing it since we are not getting paid like Gurus or Analysts. They are doing a job and have to give Advice no matters What and How.


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