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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Kep Corp: Stock Price in 2015 or 2016??? You Guess?

Can we look back at History?

Will History repeat?

Guessing the recurring pattern based on Kep Corp's New Order, Net Order Book and One Year Later Stock Price?

E.g. New Order, Net Order Book at 31 Dec 06 vs. Stock Price on 31-Dec-07 one year later.


What did we see?

Uncle8888 sees what he saw

You see what you see


  1. KepCorp share buy back on 10Dec2014 . This is the 1st time after so many months the company take action to buy back.

    500 lots @ $8.31 ~ 8.39

  2. Why company buy back its own shares? It seems even KOH BROS. has been doing for years. How many possible reasons are there? And why Koh Bros not interested to buy Keppel Corp and vice versa. So it is with all other companies. It seems companies are interested to buy back their own shares only. Why?

    1. For stock options and/or performance bonus shares for employees and mgmt

    2. That's the problem i think. Dividends benefit us (retailers) but not stock options. The worst case some companies in US even go on debt ( interest charged on loan is very little) to buy back their own shares, not to mention using "retained earning" which can be return to us as dividends. Stock options are for whose benefit?

  3. How about supporting their own companies' share price for one reason or another?

    1. Indirectly supporting but not the main purpose. Buying cheaper makes sense to build up shares for future distribution as stock options

  4. CW,

    Kep Corp order book still very strong, should last well for next two years. Oil price slide could be a temporary measure to kill of shale producers and to punish Iran and Russians. High cost inefficient producers of shale once eliminated then OPEC should cut supply to bring price back again. I think Keppel should be able to sustain its orderbook to tide through. Unless cancellations of rigs become widespread!

    What is a good price to pick up Kep Corp you think?


  5. Haha, remember to share early. I follow you!


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