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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Investors are NOT Entrepreneurs???

Don't confuse investors over entrepreneurs?

Investors only care about investment return and payback period.

Most investors may NOT have any great stories to tell unless you belong to the class of Warren Buffet and Money Masters.

Entrepreneurs may have money to count and great stories to tell. But, before that can happen, they will have to sweat it out days and nights.

Who does the heavy lifting?

You or Your Money?

See the great difference!



  1. Some people go for the experience in life and some people go for only the results.

    Without entrepreneur, there will be no jobs and let alone investors! Haha.

  2. Ha! Ha!
    Not creative and gutsy or hungry enough how to be an entrepreneur? Riding on entrepreneur's coattails is the next best thing to do for most of us. Some people don't even dare or don't have the temperament to do so even though some of them may be qualified accountants. i personally know at least two and many doctor specialists relatives. Anyway, their HC (doctor's) already bring in $$$ more than they can spend fast enough. And the cash flow is non-stop as their HC is highly valued in society. Do they really have to bother about the market?

  3. Yes, and when investors aliken themselves to business owners, you wonder about their maturity of thought or level of experience. We must be honest with ourselves.

  4. Hi SMK,

    Agree with you totally. If I am an investor, I am more interested in how much is the earnings, growth, dividend, ROA, ROE etc. Not much feelings and very rational/ pragmatic. Entrepreneur (some) put feelings into the company. Some (good) one even will sacrifice earnings and accept higher cost, just to keep their employees who followed them for years still with a job during recession. Can be irrational, because of the emotions after years working together.

    But eventually we still need both. Entrepreneurs lead while investors check....Otherwise how to achieve FIRST WORLD PARLIAMENT.....ooops sorry FIRST WORLD COMPANY....

    1. Quote: "Some (good) one even will sacrifice earnings and accept higher cost, just to keep their employees who followed them for years still with a job during recession. Can be irrational, because of the emotions after years working together."

      Read this book: Candle burning bright : a story about the late Dr Diana Young (1957-2004) / by Ivy J. Yong ; [with contributions by family and friends].

      She once mortgaged her landed property to pay wages to her employees during SARS.

      SINGAPORE entrepreneur Diana Young, the founder and chief executive of aviation company Mil-Com Aerospace, died on Tuesday in a hospital in Xian, China, following a traffic accident on Monday morning.

      The 45-year-old suffered serious multiple injuries when the car she was in was hit by another vehicle during the morning peak hour in Xian, the capital of the Shanxi province in central China. She was rushed to a government hospital after the accident.

      Ms Young's rags-to-riches life story was an inspiration to many budding entrepreneurs in Singapore.
      According to a traffic police spokesman in the city famed for its terracotta soldiers, the rear of her car was badly smashed in. She was in the back seat at the time.

      She was on a business trip in China. She had flown there a few days ago from the United States, where she had also gone on business.

      Her husband Eugene Lim, Mil-Com's senior vice-president, and its managing director, Mr Michael Leung, caught the first available flight to Beijing early on Tuesday morning and reached Xian in the afternoon.

      Mr Lim, 49, immediately rushed to the hospital to identify his wife's body.

      Well known for her rags-to riches life story, the petite 1.52m-tall businesswoman was a role model and inspiration to budding entrepreneurs in Singapore.

      Born the sixth child in a family of six girls and a boy to a shipping superintendent and housewife, she gave tuition as a 14-year-old to neighbourhood children to earn pocket money.

      She started out as a minute secretary at the Singapore Island Country Club after her A-levels. The former Raffles Girls' Secondary School student studied long-distance for a Bachelor's degree in business administration and later gained a part-time Masters degree in finance.

      In 1994, she founded Mil-com, which manufactures high-precision aircraft components and provides training services to engineers.

      The company was recently reported to be headed for a public listing by next year.

      At the time of her death, Mil-com had 700 employees in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia and China. In 2003, it had a turnover of S$30 million, about half of which were from its overseas ventures.

      Besides her husband, Ms Young also leaves behind two teenage children.

  5. "Whom the gods love die young".

    [Prov. Virtuous or gifted people die at an early age, because the gods want those people to be with them in the afterlife. So many brilliant authors and artists died before the age of fifty that it's easy to believe that whom the gods love die young.]

    The only consolation is there must be some truth in the saying.

  6. Sad story. Why all Diana die young in car crashes? Princess Diana also.

    Good people always suffer! This I have to agree too!

    Will check out her biography / book.


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