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Friday 26 December 2014

Return My CPF. DBS 188% Total Return over 6 Years! Round 18: Sold @ $20.31


This is a Huat Number!

Round 18: ROC +144.7%, 2,174 days, B $8.27 S 20.31

Round 17: ROC - 31.1%, 232 days, B $24.20 S $16.80
Round 16: ROC - 21.6%, 222 days, B $23.20 S $18.32
Round 15: ROC - 18.1%, 186 days, B $22.90 S $18.88
Round 14: ROC - 9.2%, 70 days, B $21.00 S $19.20
Round 13: ROC +9%, 65 days, B $20.50 S $22.50
Round 12: ROC +10.6%, 8 days, B $20.50 S $22.60

Total Return: 188% over 6 years or 20% CAGR!


  1. congrats! another xxx,xxx into pocket!

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  3. The volume of new housing loans have fallen sharply amidst the governments cooling measures, especially the Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR), according to media reports.

    For instance, new housing loans granted by OCBC plunged by about 40 percent in Q3 2014 compared to its peak in 2012.

    Additionally, overall loan growth could slow down next year due to the stringent regulatory environment and property curbs.

    Experts also warned about higher non-performing loans (NPLs), especially in the housing loan segment.

    A case in point is UOBs NPLs, which rose for two straight quarters to $502 million in Q3 2014 because of delinquent borrowers who bought luxury residential properties.

    If you are caught on the wrong side of the market, what happens is typically, you may see a small creep up of NPLs from the home loan market. And I suspect that would be adjusted by about 50 bps, a small amount or small figure but in total property value, it is a significant hit, said Cyrus Daruwala, IDC Financial Insights Managing Director for Asia Pacific.


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