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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

First Flat, First Home, Lasting Memories

Read? First Flat, First Home, Lasting Memories

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  1. Me too. First Flat. First Home.

    I don't find trouble with this home except for those few years fighting against wife's finding problem with her home. LOL!

  2. First Flat. First Home. It is true.
    But i saw opportunity to take advantage of 2 bites of the cherries allowed by HDB rules & regulations then. (Provided you could afford it). Is it the same now?
    i was the one then goading my wife to upgrade. My wife is easily contented. She never aim for much materially. She leave all financial matters to me. Now, we are living 15 to 18 in our 3rd HDB which we bought when it was just MOP (5 years). So the lease is used up only about 20 to 23 years. This is the advantage for buying newer HDB flat in resale market to benefit your children or child. Touch wood, can even benefit yourself if you need to downgrade. Another words there is higher $ storage value for newer age HDB flat. Of course you pay a bit more upfront.
    Will i do another round of HDB flat "swaping"?
    i doubt so. The older you get the less you want to move to newer, strange environments.
    Besides in 2016/17, i just walk down stair to board "my" SMRT without even needing an umbrella during raining days. And by then i can go to any parts of Singapore. Why i need a car then? Why i need to sell my HDB FLAT then? Why? Why?
    i am contented already.


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