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Friday, 5 December 2014

Pageviews on this blog???

This blog has no commercial ads and Uncle8888 doesn't depend on page views to attract advertisers to generate ads revenue here.

This is his blog where he talks cock and sing song!

Absolutely freedom!


  1. LOL!

    Got eyes no see Tarzan (泰山) ;)

    This post reminded me of those power hawkers that shout back at their pesky customers: "Cannot wait don't buy!"

    You food must be good :)

    1. You SMOL!

      Me SBOL!

      Singapore Blogger Of Leisure (SBOL)

      No play play!

    2. Absolutely no one should tell SBOL what to do in his blog!

      When you need to sell something you have to be careful to avoid offending customers.

  2. Hi Createwealth8888,

    Thanks for creating a blog for strangers to comments freely.

    I wrote the following comment on a public blog listed on Singapore Investment Bloggers. It was censored. I hope you don't mind me reproducing it here.

    Another trader with secrets to share? For free?

    I am attending a course preview today at 6 Battery Rd. 7-10 pm. Another trader sharing his secrets.

    Yesterday I attended a course preview at the same place. Also got trading secrets to share, if you join his course/group.

    I have a few trading secrets of my own, which worked for a while. I shared my secrets with my students for free. Gave them my money to trade my secrets.

    You dare to share your secrets and give others money to prove these secrets can make money?


    1. This comment on another blog selling snake oil also censured. Wasted my effort.

      Jac Lau November 27, 2014
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      I am amazed at the way you entice people to consider paying USD 99 per month to view your trades. You need additional income beside those that you can get from your trades?
      - See more at:

    2. Not just snake oil men do that.

      Try commenting something NOT SO NICE on some bloggers also censured.


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