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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Live Like University Student???

Uncle8888 has been tracking his youngest son's personal living expenses as university student. It is ranging from $208 to $555 per month since May 2016. 

Mid point is at $381

Highest/Lowest is 2.7

Wide range could mean that he is living quite well and can also be frugal under circumstance during exam period. Where got time to go out and spend money?

How to save more money?

Try monetize your weekends by working.

Sure save more!


  1. Waah lucky I never kena tracked like that during my Uni days. Anyway my mum only gave me average $50 per month. Take it or leave it. The rest I got by giving tuition & working at Macs. Now I hear my friend's daughter can earn $800 per month as part-time retail while in polytechnic, and $1500+ during school holidays ... waah dunno zhun bo ... like that her poly course must be quite switched off.

    1. I track under-cover in the background by periodically view the joint-account on bank transaction withdrawal and noting those items relating to living expenses to get these numbers.


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