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Sunday, 24 June 2018

F&B workers in Singapore to be assessed if they can get on wage ladder

Kitchen helpers and other low-wage workers in the food and beverage (F&B) industry could be next in line for a basic wage and structured increases under the Progressive Wage Model (PWM).


These days; Uncle8888 is paying attention over low income news. :-)

But; what he has seen on the ground; F&B workers can easily lose their jobs and may be can also easily get replacement job.

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One outlet closed shop this month now. 

They truly practice cut losses to stop bleeding more cash!

Now back to 16 outlets in 9 shopping malls; the same number when he started on Jan 2017. 

Can PWM really work in F&B when shops easily closed, open or re-opened under different brand or owner?

New hires will reset to lower pay?

Hmm ...


  1. Can low income group tahan long enough to avoid getting the reset pay when tio retrenched?

  2. If i have to be a F&B worker, i 101 % will be at least a Char Kway Teow stall owner somewhere in Singapore.

    And never rest until my food offered will attrack customers queing "zhang Long".

    Type A personality?

  3. PWM is Singapore's version of Minimum Wage ... of course govt don't want to admit.

    Currently for cleaning, security & landscaping industries.

    Basically MOM stipulates mandatory minimum salaries for certain industries based on designation & type of workers. Designation or "skills" of workers to be certified by passing certain certificate courses by stat boards & agencies.

    Every 1 or 2 years, MOM will review the PWM salaries and increase them --- hence the workers in these industries depend on govt for their salary increments!

    For many many years since SARS, cleaners & security guards salaries also kena reset (or reduced) everytime change of main contractor or supplier every 1 or 2 years.

    The main con need to keep bidding lower prices to win the contract, and then they "pass on" the reduced bid to workers' salaries.

    I used to work in a GLC in the mid-2000s where the outsourced cleaners salary dropped from $800 to $600 over 4 years.

    Now govt make it compulsory to follow the PWM salaries for cleaners, security guards & gardeners, grass cutters.

  4. If the GOVT have intervined on the workers wages, what happens to the contractor biddings?

    We know if U manipulated on the the left side of an equation , U have to the same on the right side.


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